Customer says she was roofied at Luke Bryan's bar

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‘I seriously thought I was dying’: Woman says she was ‘roofied’ at Luke Bryan’s bar

'Never take drinks from people besides the bar tenders and watch them.'


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Posted on Jul 30, 2023

Florida-based hairstylist Halle Elliott claims that she was slipped a date rape drug at a popular Nashville bar owned by a prominent country music star.

Elliot writes in a text overlay of her video, “BE SAFE GIRLIES was just roofied at Luke Bryan’s bar.”

What’s more, Elliott (@halle.elliott) claimed that, upon receiving medical attention, local healthcare professionals said they’ve come across more alleged roofie encounters from guests who’ve frequented this particular bar than any other spot in Nashville.

The establishment that she’s referring to is LUKE’S 32 Bridge, located on 301 Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. The country music star created the business in association with the TC Restaurant Group, according to Eater, which also runs FGL House and Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, which is also located in Nashville.

The city has been a longtime bonafide music and party destination, and chances are you’ve seen jokes on social media about immediately breaking up with your significant other if they decide to go to Nashville without you. The implication is they are most likely going to engage in some type of sexual escapade with a stranger behind your back.

But judging from Elliot’s TikTok, it seems that folks with nefarious intentions also see the city as an opportunity to drug and sexually assault those looking for a good time. She adds in her video that she was “told by the doctor Luke Bryan’s bar is the most #1 bar they’ve had girls my age come in roofied.”

The experience, according to the TikTok user, sounds horrible.

“I seriously thought I was dying but alive now,” she wrote.

@halle.elliott and to the manager 38; Nashville EMS who told me i was just “drunk” i promise you will regret everything BE SAFE GIRLIES #nashville #lukebryanbar #lukebryan #broadwaynashville ♬ That39s My Kind Of Night – Bridge – Luke Bryan

According to the Drug Enforcement Association, “roofie” is the street term for a type of depressant known as Rohypnol, which is the brand name for the pharmaceutical flunitrazepam, a type of benzodiazepine. The government agency adds that the drug has never been approved for usage from the FDA in the United States, and is commonly used to treat instances of acute insomnia.

Like most depressants, mixing Rohypnol with alcohol is a dangerous combination, which more than likely contributed to the sensation of Elliot feeling as if she was dying.

According to Nashville Scene, the Honky Tonk town has a serious roofie problem, but these cases are difficult to prove and therefore prosecute. This is because individuals will probably not be able to secure footage or receive reliable eyewitness testimonies that someone was trying to spike their drink, like this one TikToker managed to capture by pure happenstance.

Nashville Scene highlighted a story from a fiddle player who “lost two hours of memory” after purportedly being drugged by someone “she suspects…was hoping to steal her equipment and tip money.” Thankfully, an employee of the bar ensured that she was brought home safely and that her belongings were looked after as a crowd gathered around her when she collapsed from the drug.

Commenters who replied to Elliot’s video stated they had similar experiences while partying in Nashville. One user said she was roofied while she was out with her husband, and suspected that it was an employee of the spot they were at.

“Happen to me in Nash and my husband was with me!” they wrote. “Definitely think it was the bartender.”

Another person who said that they’ve lived in Nashville all of their lives had some recommendations as to how to enjoy the nightlife when you’re out and about—avoiding drinks from folks, pre-gaming before you get to bars, and keeping a watchful eye on bartenders are par the course for staying safe.

Another woman who responded to Elliot’s video said that while she was throwing a bachelorette celebration in Nashville, both she and her bridesmaids were all roofied.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Elliot via TikTok comment and Luke’s 32 Bridge via email.

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*First Published: Jul 30, 2023, 10:19 am CDT