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‘Are you single?’: 5 creepy job interviews that crossed the line

‘This happened to me in 3 interviews it’s crazy fr how common this is.’


Ljeonida Mulabazi


With unemployment rates trending upward and significant layoffs in recent years, the average American job seeker doesn’t have it easy. 

According to job interview statistics by TeamStage, on average, every single job offer has around 250 applicants, but only 4-6 candidates get the opportunity to interview for the position. Not only that, but the recruitment process can last up to 42 days.

Given these challenges, it’s incredibly disheartening when you do manage to secure a job interview, only for it to go horribly wrong.

But sometimes, these experiences make for good cautionary tales that job seekers share on social media platforms such as TikTok. Here are five of the most bizarre ones.

Nightmare job interview leaves woman in tears

Woman goes to interview for ‘dream job.’ So why does she leave in tears?
@italianstallionn69/TikTok ArLawKa/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

TikTok user Iz (@italianstallion69) recently posted a video where she shared a distressing experience from an interview for her dream job, which she says left her in tears.

In her video, she details how the interview went wrong. The first question the interviewer asked her was, “Are you wearing makeup?” and then closely inspected her face without explanation.

He then asked if she was nervous, followed by, “So what are you nervous that we’re gonna find out about you?” Iz was taken aback and explained she was nervous about the job, not because she had something to hide.

The interview worsened as he asked about her background with trauma and her family, making personal assumptions about her. He even asked if she was married, which is illegal according to Business News Daily. Finally, the interviewer implied she wanted the job to steal items from their clinic, which uses ketamine for treatments.

Iz concludes, “I had a smile on my face… internally I was in disarray.”

Interviewer asks woman ‘what is wrong’ with her teeth

Woman says job interviewer asked her ‘what was wrong’ with her teeth
@madisonlbeard/TikTok Andrey Popov/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

TikToker Madison Beard (@madisonlbeard) said in a viral video that when she was being interviewed for a server position, the interviewer remarked offensively on her appearance. 

“In my head I was preparing for her to ask something professional,” Beard wrote in the clip’s text overlay. “But then she proceeded to ask me what was wrong with my teeth.”

Beard responded honestly, saying her family couldn’t afford braces when she was younger. She then decided to leave the interview promptly when the interviewer stepped out of the room.

“Probably the rudest question Ive ever been asked during an interview gotta save up for braces now smh,” Beard wrote in the caption of her video.

Interviewer looking for someone that doesn’t value work-life balance

Job-hunter says interviewer was looking for a worker that 'doesn't value work-life balance'
@travelwithjannn/TikTok fizkes/ShutterStock (Licensed)

TikToker Janice (@travelwithjan) shared an experience in her job search, which she says sums up the current job market.

“So a couple of weeks ago, I had an interview where the employer told me that they’re looking for someone who doesn’t value work-life balance to fill that role,” Janice said in her video. “The exact quote was, ‘some people might want work-life balance but that’s really not the person I’m looking for to fill this role. I need someone who’s driven and ambitious and essentially be my partner to grow this company.’”

Janice’s video sparked comments from others who feel employers are exploiting the current job market. Many related to Janice’s frustration, saying companies demand excessive dedication without offering adequate compensation. 

Interviewer won’t accept any questions

Woman says job interviewer shamed her for asking questions
@sweetholywater/TikTok Motortion Films/ShutterStock (Licensed)

TikToker Korina (@sweetholywater) shared a disappointing job interview experience in a viral video. Korina, a graphic designer, was excited about the interview and eager to ask questions.

However, one interviewer criticized her for asking for clarification, allegedly saying, “I’m interviewing you and this is an interview.”

Korina described the experience as “belittling,” as the interviewers allegedly kept making sarcastic comments such as saying her project on women’s sports bras for Nike was “suggestive.” Korina tried to stay professional but felt increasingly uncomfortable.

Karina then explained she only asked questions to determine if the position was a good fit for both parties, which her audience found completely understandable. 

Interviewer asks woman if she’s single

Woman at desk(l+r), Man on phone looking at resume(c)
Kittisophon/Shutterstock @ppplacido/Tiktok (Licensed)

In a viral TikTok video, actor Paula Placido (@ppplacido) captures a disturbing phone interview her girlfriend was having.

The interviewer shockingly asked her, “Are you single?”—and then, when she replied with “Nope,” the interviewer asked, “Are you happy with that decision?”

Despite her girlfriend’s clear discomfort, the interviewer continued with inappropriate comments, making the situation deeply uncomfortable.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it is illegal to ask discriminatory questions in a job interview. This includes questions about age, race, religion, marital status, and more during the hiring process.

If faced with such questions, you can politely decline to answer and should consider reporting the incident to the EEOC or the company’s HR department.

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