Woman goes to interview for ‘dream job.’ So why does she leave in tears?

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‘Let’s start walking out’: Woman goes to interview for ‘dream job.’ So why does she leave in tears?

‘As a recruiter, I am APPALLED. Did you get interviewed by Hannibal Lecter?’


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Is a nightmare interview just the price you need to pay for a dream job? “Absolutely not” is what most comments say on a TikToker’s video where she explains a job interview gone south. This video raises concerns about what kind of job interview questions are appropriate or not.

In a video posted three days ago, Iz (@italianstallion69) gleams at the camera asking viewers to send good vibes her way for this upcoming job interview. Fast-forward to the next day and she posts a video with runny mascara two hours after the interview still in “shambles,” as they state. So what exactly went so bad in the interview?

A nightmare interview

Firstly, Iz recounts the first question the interviewer asked: “Are you wearing makeup?”

When Iz answered that she was, she says the interviewer replied “Interesting,” before getting up close to inspect her face. He took a good look for about 30 seconds before continuing the interview with no explanation. 

He then asked her if she was nervous, Iz recalls.

“And I’m honest. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m nervous,’ and he’s like, ‘So what are you nervous that we’re gonna find out about you?’ And I was taken aback,” Iz says, leading her to explain that she was nervous about whether she’d get the job or not, not because she had something to hide.

But then it gets worse. The interviewer purportedly proceeds to ask Iz about her background with trauma and her family. Iz, trying to maintain her composure, says she responded honestly and gave the interviewer some context about their life. Iz claims the interviewer then cut her off and began to make assumptions about the kind of person she was, including her relationship with men. The interviewer also allegedly asked if Iz was married, which is not a legal question you can ask in an interview, according to Business News Daily

Lastly, according to Iz, the interview assumes she is applying for the job because she wants to steal some of the items in their inventory. It seems that Iz is applying for a job in some kind of clinic where the patients use ketamine as a treatment option, a growing treatment in the mental health field.

“I had a smile on my face…internally I was in disarray,” Iz says near the end of the video.

The video has 2.3 million views and almost 10,000 comments as of Saturday morning.

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Viewers weigh in

Viewers in the comments section were just as appalled as Iz about her interview experience.

“Girl this sounds like impractical jokers but I think it was scientology,” one comment read.

“[red flags emoji] girl, RUN the other direction. Another opportunity will present itself,” another user suggested.

“Baby from now on just know you DO NOT have to answer anything about your personal life. that is NOT their business,” another wrote.

“Let’s start walking out,” another said.

In an updated video, Iz gives more information as to how the interview process went and how she will be reaching out to someone in her state about the inappropriate nature of the interview. She also mentions why they didn’t just walk out from the beginning.

“I probably should’ve walked out or I definitely should have voiced my mind better, but being in that situation as a young girl new in the workplace, new in this field, it’s a lot easier said than done to be able to do that,” she explains. “And the reason why I probably didn’t walk out is because it was my dream job opportunity.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Iz for comment via TikTok comment and message.

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