Costco shopper warns you should always crack eggs in a separate bowl after finding something strange

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‘Didn’t know that could happen’: Costco shopper warns you should always crack eggs in a separate bowl after finding something strange

'New fear unlocked.'


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Posted on May 3, 2024   Updated on May 3, 2024, 9:03 am CDT

A “furmom” in Oregon has sworn off cooking for good after cracking open a Costco egg and finding a roundworm in it.

The TikToker, who goes by Xiomis (@xiomis95), recorded herself in the middle of a cooking session. In her clip, she warns other users to first crack their uncooked eggs in a separate bowl before tossing them into one with others after she spotted a stringy parasite.

Her disgust was echoed in a chorus of “ewws” and “yucks” throughout the comments section, but several didn’t seem too perturbed by the discovery, stating that the parasites only pose risks to humans under very particular circumstances.

“Uhhh, PSA if you get eggs from f*cking Costco, crack them in a separate bowl,” she says, “Because I just cracked one and…that’s a motherf*cking roundworm that just came out of that f*cking egg.”

Xiomis zooms into the bowl to show off the roundworm again before screeching into the camera, “Eeeee! It’s moving!”

They then toss their fork down onto one of the open cartons of eggs before saying, “All right, f*ck it I’m never eating eggs again, I’m never cooking. F*ck that.”

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Xiomis isn’t the only Costco shopper who has complained about finding roundworms in their eggs— Redditor @Different-Data5593 also complained of this phenomenon after uploading a photo to the site’s r/whatisthisbug sub.

They wrote in a caption for the picture’s post, “Found this in my egg, it looks like a round worm, can you get round worms in eggs?”

While several people assured the Costco shopper that the store would more than likely refund OP for the cost of the eggs they purchased, that was the least of the roundworm spotter’s concerns: the store he bought them from was about an hour’s drive away.

One person assured him that the chances of multiple eggs in the same batch having roundworm are extremely low: “I wouldn’t worry as the chance you get an egg from the same chicken, let alone the same barn, are minimal. If from a local farm, then maybe. They may not be treating their chickens for parasites or other diseases,” they said.

They also added that as long as folks are cooking their eggs, then they should be fine, which seems to be supported by information shared by the Mayo Clinic. The site wrote about the parasitic organisms on its website: “These roundworm parasites (trichinella) use a host body to live and reproduce. These parasites infect animals such as bears, cougars, walruses, foxes, wild boars and domestic pigs. You get the infection by eating the immature form of the roundworm (larvae) in raw or undercooked meat.”

According to The Poultry Site, roundworms forming in eggs are “quite rare,” the chicken-centric online resource states: “Some eggs may contain one or more roundworms. These nematodes are intestinal parasites of hens…The incidence is quite rare.”

Commenters who responded to Xiomis’ post seemed just as disgusted as she was by the discovery. One person penned, “Didn’t know that could happen… and my life would have been much better had I never found out.”

Someone else simply wrote, “New fear unlocked,” while another said, “It’s not safe to eat anything.”

For others, this just made them a bit more wary when purchasing eggs and poultry from Costco.

“Why did this showed up when I just purchased some eggs from Costco fear unlocked now,” one person said.

One helpful commenter shared a bit of advice they picked up from a friend when it came to cracking eggs as part of meal prep: “My friend taught me to crack an egg into a Dixie cup then if you come across a bad one just throw the cup out.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Costco via email and Xiomis via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 3, 2024, 1:00 pm CDT