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‘Yall been GATEKEEPING this’: Customer finds good deals on meat, eggs at ‘bigger and better’ Costco, Costco Business Center

'I'm now debating if I should drive 2 hours to the nearest one.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 16, 2023

What could be possibly “bigger and better” than Costco? The store seems to carry everything, and all those products also seem to come in bulk for large families or customers who like to stock up on their favorite products.

Well, step aside Costco because people are just now finding out about Costco’s apparent bigger and badder brother, Costco Business Center. Costco Business Center is like Costco but intended for businesses, so it carries things like a 90-pouch fruit snack box for $10 and “all of the gum you could ever need” for $11. And it’s currently going viral on TikTok.

TikTok user Julissa (@ozzybris) took her 25,000 followers on an adventure to Costco Business Center in one of her most recent videos, in which she accused Costco Business Center shoppers of “gatekeeping” the store.

When she arrived, the first thing she noticed was different carts that could carry 800 pounds worth of products (Costco Business Center offers customers the traditional Costco carts as well). Julissa was wowed by the plethora of non-food-related deals she found inside, like a deep fryer for $900, a “cute” retro fridge for $300, a pack of spoons for $10, and a fake plant for $100. She was also amazed by the office supply aisle, telling teachers, “You definitely need to go here for all your school supplies.”

She pointed out a bulk of safety pins for $9.79, mechanical pencils for $13.99, staples for $3.59, and a stapler for $11.99.

She then wandered over to the food, discovering beef for $3.39, five dozen eggs for $9.79, and lamb at $4.49 a pound. She found a pack of cinnamon buns, wherein she describes the rolls as being “bigger than” her “head.” The content creator questions who has been keeping the store a secret, doubling down on the gatekeeping accusations in the caption. “Yall been GATEKEEPING this,” she wrote.

@ozzybris Yall been GATEKEEPING this 😱 #costco #costcobusinesscenter ♬ original sound – Julissa

The Daily Dot reached out to Julissa via email and TikTok comment. The video amassed 1.3 million views as of Sept. 13.

“I’m now debating if I should drive 2 hours to the nearest one,” one prospective shopper said.

“Definitely looking to see where there’s one located where I live lol. Only curious,” a second commented.

Current Costco Business Center fans shared which items they’ve purchased for a good price.

“The eggs is literally a great deal for the longest 2pks of 18eggs was like $8 in my area,” one user shared.

“Costco Business Center is definitely a game changer … got spiral ham for $9 was on sale $16-$24 plus $10 off at the register,” a second stated.

According to Eat This Not That, Costco Business Center has cheaper prices because it has “its own Saving Events, with coupons that rotate monthly and are automatically applied at checkout. This usually only helps if you’re already buying a lot (ex. $5 off on a 14-count box of Pringles cans), however. The warehouse also has member savings, which can be used in-store and online. But if you’re not finding the right deals at your local Costco, you can always try your luck at a Business Center.”

But some things are just too good to be true, and that definitely may be the case with Costco Business Center—at least for certain customers. According to Julissa, Costco Business Center doesn’t have a food court. So if you’re a Costco customer who only frequents the store for the ultra-popular food court, which offers delicacies like pizza and frozen yogurt, this one may not be for you.

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*First Published: Sep 16, 2023, 7:58 pm CDT