Customer says Chipotle worker pretended to give her more guacamole when she asked for extra

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‘This was personal’: Chipotle customer says worker pretended to give her more guacamole when she asked for extra

‘He had an attitude.’


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A customer is claiming that a Chipotle worker only pretended to give her more guacamole when she asked for it, but when the video’s paired with the audio, it tells a little different tale. That’s led some commenters to call out the creator.

Recording your Chipotle order being made for you in the hopes of getting better portions is a trend that the Daily Dot’s covered recently. It started with a viral video about a new “phone rule” giving customers a leg up in the ordering game. More recent coverage indicates some workers are pushing back on the trend, telling customers they can’t record.

A video put up on TikTok on Thursday by creator Kitty Kat (@hellokittycootercruncher) showed a bowl being made. Initially, the worker picked an individual serving-sized plastic container and lid out of the guacamole tray and then scooped a bit, dumping it into the bowl.

The worker then motioned toward the container with his serving spoon but didn’t actually gather any additional guacamole before pretending to put some on the bowl. Her on-screen caption reads, “Pls y did my friend ask 4 more guac AND DIS MAN PRETENDED TO PUT MORE.”

But a comment on that video, which got more than 10.4 million views, said, “Show the vid w original audio,” as the creator layered audio labeled “Funny Sounds Effects” onto the video.

In the second video, with its audio intact, the friend asks for guac, and then after the meager serving is deposited, the friend says, “Man, he greedy with it,” leading the creator to laugh. The worker then pretends to scoop out more guac—albeit, with context to the video.

@hellokittycootercruncher Replying to @N ignore my laugh pls😭#fyp #wtf #chipotle #flawda ♬ original sound – 🎀Kittykat🎀

Commenters to the second video weighed in.

“Saying he’s greedy with the guac is NOT equivalent to asking for more,” one remarked.

Another said, “Being rude to an underpaid employee? embarrassing tbh.”

But someone countered, “An underpaid employee being greedy with the guac is embarrassing.”

One added, “The Rolling Stones said it best: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, that actually asking instead of being passive aggressive works a lot better.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok direct message and to Chipotle via email.

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