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‘More plastic than sauce’: Chipotle customer accuses chain of under-portioning vinaigrette

‘They really be gatekeeping vinaigrette like they get money off their check if they sell it.’


Rachel Kiley


A recent TikTok blasting Chipotle’s vinaigrette portions has customers annoyed at how stingy certain food chains can be.

Getting less for more money happens naturally over time due to inflation and other factors, but in the last several years, everything from groceries to rideshares has skyrocketed in price, creating new struggles for people already dealing with a pandemic, stagnant wages, and perpetually rising housing costs.

In the grand scheme of things, Chipotle rationing out its vinaigrette seems like a negligible annoyance, but “the straw that broke the camel’s back” is a time-tested saying for a reason.

User Jaime (@jammezzx) posted a video this week calling out the minor injustice, showing a bin of vinaigrettes at Chipotle in small plastic containers that don’t even look to be a quarter of the way full.

@jammezzx Who portioned this? 👀 vinaigrette ##lmaoo##chipotle##vinaigrette ♬ original sound – Ali Jordan

“What the fuck y’all doing? Y’all rationing around here? Come on,” pre-recorded audio sounds over the video.

The frustration clearly resonated with viewers, one of whom suggested the employees at Chipotle have “lost their minds.”

“They really be gatekeeping vinaigrette like they get money off their check if they sell it,” another commenter wrote.

A third user called it “more plastic than sauce.”

Another viewer claimed that her local Chipotle has “the nerve” to charge $1.50 extra for vinaigrette while still only barely filling the container up.

This isn’t the first time people have complained about the franchise’s inability to portion sauces well, although it seems to vary from store to store. Combined with a recent viral TikTok alleging that at least one store has changed its forks, and issues surrounding the company closing a location that had voted to unionize, what was once a pretty good value meal might be losing its appeal to some folks.

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