Chipotle announces it’s selling napkin holders to customers.

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‘I shouldn’t walk out with more napkins than meat!!’: Chipotle announces it’s selling napkin holders to customers. It backfires

'We got Chipotle napkin holders before they got measuring cups.'


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Posted on Dec 4, 2023   Updated on Dec 5, 2023, 1:07 pm CST

Chipotle has released a TikTok video showing a napkin holder you can affix to your car visor in case you eat in your car. But with a TikTok video comes comments, and customers came in to voice their opinions on the fast-casual franchise.

The video, released on Thursday from the official Chipotle (@chipotle) TikTok account, starts with a stitch from creator @mecca, who created a video about when your car is “running low on napkins.” The video shows him laughing as he grabs napkins from an overstuffed napkin dispenser inside Chipotle, declaring, “You know I had to double it!”

The video, which has drawn more than 521,000 views as of Monday, then shifts to a person transporting napkins to a car, where the napkin dispenser is waiting to be put into action.

The video’s caption claims, “We know what ur doing so we made a thing for u to do it better. Limited edition Napkin Holder drops at 9AM PT this Thursday on Chipotle Goods.”

The bio then links out to the site and a page for a $30 napkin holder. The text there reads, “That fat stack of napkins in your glove compartment just found a new home. Secure this limited edition vegan cactus leather Chipotle napkin holder to your car visor for easy access during car mukbangs, last minute makeup sessions, and that inevitable burrito spill.” Alas, the site also notes that the item is already sold out.

While the campaign appears to have been successful in moving vegan cactus leather napkin holders, it also courted some criticism of Chipotle.

@chipotle #stitch with @MECCA ♬ original sound – Chipolte

“Use measuring cups!!!” one demanded, echoing the request of others. “I shouldn’t walk out with more napkins than meat!!”

Someone responded to that by saying, “You don’t even need a napkin when you get there cause there’s not enough meat in the tortilla to worry about it!!!”

“You need to double the serving size,” another suggested.

Someone else had a menu request, asking, “Please I’m begging, bring back the chicken Al pastor idk how long my cravings can go without it fr.”

But at least one appreciated the napkin shoutout, with, “I’m glad you guys acknowledged this bc I specifically go to chipotle to refill my car napkins and now I know it’s ok.”

Update: A Chipotle spokesperson told the Daily Dot the napkin dispensers are sold out. In addition to selling them on, the company also gave away a few on its social channels.

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*First Published: Dec 4, 2023, 8:30 pm CST