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‘I ordered a salad from Chipotle and they forgot the lettuce’: Customer slams Chipotle’s online ordering after failed order

‘Who ate my queso?’


Braden Bjella


Chipotle has long been criticized for its handling of online orders. From numerous allegations that the company gives smaller portions for online orders to complaints about the ordering process, there’s no shortage of issues reported by customers interested in the chain’s fast-casual Mexican food.

Now, another story of Chipotle online ordering has sparked discussion after being posted to TikTok. 

In a video with over 67,000 views, TikTok user Lo (@lohojpg) documents the manifold issues with her online order, leading her to ask, “How come every time my delivery order comes, it’s crazy?”

“I’m convinced one of my opps works in y’all kitchen,” she says in the video.

@lohojpg The workers did not indeed feeling like working today. #chipotle ♬ original sound

First, Lo shows her tub of queso, which is only half-filled. 

“Who ate my queso?” she questions.

Next, she shows her tub of guacamole. While this one is substantially fuller than the queso, the majority of the tub’s space is occupied by a single, unmashed avocado slice.

“If y’all couldn’t mash it, what makes you think I could?” she says. “I even get it. Sometimes accidents happen…but why would you pack it up and send it to me?”

When Lo shows her actual bowl, it appears alright at first glance. However, Lo soon reveals that the rice used at the bottom of the bowl is “crunchy.”

“This is the worst Chipotle I’ve ever had,” she summarizes.

In the comments section, users shared their own experiences with online Chipotle orders.

“i once ordered a salad from chipotle and they forgot the lettuce,” recalled a user.

“one time i literally just got chicken,” added another. “like legit just a bowl of chicken.”

“I once ordered a chicken quesadilla and they forgot the chicken,” countered a third.

“One time I ordered a fullllllly loaded bowl & they sent me just rice & sour cream,” stated a further TikToker. “never will I ever get chipopo for delivery again LOL.”

Many users advised against ordering from Chipotle online at all.

“Chipotle is just one of them places you gotta stare them in the face while they make your order,” offered a commenter.

“I stopped ordering mobile from chipotle cause that’s how they always come,” alleged a second.

“all good delivery apps need to take chipotle off the roster cause it’s BS every time,” claimed a further TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lo and Chipotle via email.

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