Customer says worker burnt their pizza after they didn’t tip

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‘He let the slices burn so badly’: Customer says worker burnt their pizza after they didn’t tip

'Hopefully the owner is reading their reviews'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 25, 2024

Workers across different industries have gotten revenge on non-tippers, from eating their Uber Eats orders to discarding personal belongings. A Reddit user shared how a Sergio’s Pizza worker burnt their pizza several times because they didn’t leave a tip.

Reddit user allenasm titled his post, “no tip at pizza joint – burned our slices” in a r/EndTipping subreddit. The user shared how Sergio’s Pizza has been making customers sign their receipts on the tip line. When they arrived at the pizza restaurant, they chose their slices and the worker put them in the oven. However, allenasm noticed something odd.

“At checkout he prints the CC receipt and hands to me to sign (very odd), I did and crossed out the tip line and wrote the total,” they wrote. 

After the worker noticed the redditor didn’t tip, they expressed their anger. “he let the slices burn so badly he couldn’t even give them to us,” they shared. To add insult to injury, the worker “[h]ad to start another set and burned those too but not so bad that we could refuse them.” Needless to say, allenasm doesn’t plan on returning.

The Daily Dot reached out to allenasm via Reddit direct message and Sergio’s via contact form. The post garnered 93 upvotes, leaving Redditors surprised the worker expected a tip. 

“And these ppl want tipped,” one redditor wrote.

“Wait… I thought ‘ReStAuRaNtS hAvE LoW mArGiNs!11!!’ If they can afford to deliberately ruin product then they can afford to not make their employees rely on tips,” a second remarked.

Moreover, others offered suggestions for allenasm.

“Contact the owner, leave reviews on yelp and google to pressure change,” one user proposed.

“Pics of the pie and the story will go nicely in a Google review,” a second suggested.

“I would call the credit card company and do a charge back. As well as leave some poor reviews. F*ck them,” a third stated.

However, allenasm was already ahead of them. They wrote, “left an honest 1 star google review of what happened. Hopefully the owner is reading their reviews.”

In addition, allenasm knew something was off after they didn’t leave a tip. “it wasn’t just that, the smirk he gave was pretty telling and I love crispy pizza with a bit of burnt cheese as well as the next person but this was well beyond that,” they revealed in the comments section.

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*First Published: Feb 25, 2024, 11:00 pm CST