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‘DON’T touch’: Woman finds something unusual in Bath & Body Works Wallflower

‘That’s def fiberglass.’


Charlotte Colombo


A TikToker has puzzled viewers after finding something strange in her Bath & Body Works Wallflowers plug-in air freshener. In the clip, which has been viewed 181,200 times, creator Jessica (@sheskikaaa) showed the inside of her Bath and Body Works Wallflower. It appeared to be covered in a light, crystallized, feather-like material, and Jessica addressed Bath & Body Works directly via on-screen captions. “What is this growing out of my wallflower?” she asked, followed by a raised eyebrow emoji. In the video description, she added that she had left the Wallflower in storage for a year.

In the comments section, viewers speculated that the mysterious substance in the Wallflower could be anything from spiderwebs to cat urine to crystallized oils from the fragrance. But ultimately, viewers were pretty insistent that the Wallflower fell victim to one material in particular. “It’s fiberglass,” one commenter said. “If it’s next to your bed and If you have a memory foam mattress it most likely leaks fiberglass.”

“That looks like fiberglass,” another added. “If it is, DON’T touch, just throw it away.” Other commenters shared that they encountered similar issues with their own plug-in air fresheners. “This happens to my Air Wick ones too when I leave them empty for too long,” one shared. “This happen to two of my wallflowers and I was scared to continue use it and just bought new ones,” a further viewer wrote. Jessica didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment. Bath & Body Works didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

@sheskikaaa LOL I know i did have it stored for a year but what is this? @Bath & Body Works #fyp #trending #weird #tiktok #bathandbodyworks #blowthisup #wallflower #house #houston #room #essential ♬ original sound – Funny Sound Effects

What is fiberglass?

As the name implies, fiberglass is a type of reinforced plastic material in which glass fibers are woven into a softer material. It is used in certain insulation projects, construction, and the making of products such as bathtubs.

According to the Illinois Department of Health, fiberglass can cause eye and skin irritation, such as rashes. If inhaled, it can cause soreness in the nose and mouth. Inhalation of fiberglass is also believed to aggravate symptoms of asthma or bronchitis.

The unwelcome appearance of fiberglass has gone viral on TikTok before. In one clip, which has amassed 3.2 million views, user Yas (@heart.led) shared how she had to move out of her apartment and dispose of most of her possessions after washing the cover of her old Zinus mattress caused fiberglass to spread on “every surface” of her apartment.

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