Bartender calls out rock star for only tipping 10%.

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‘You’re literally his assistant’: Bartender calls out rock star for only tipping 10%. She got the last laugh

'I already know what he likes to order…'


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Posted on Dec 28, 2023   Updated on Dec 28, 2023, 10:48 am CST

In a candid TikTok clip that has garnered over 110,600 views, user and club bottle service employee Alex Elliott (@itsalexiselliott) vents her frustration about a recent encounter with a celebrity’s team at her workplace. The video captures the raw emotions of service industry workers who often deal with the entitled behavior of some patrons. Elliott, familiar with the artist and his usual order due to previous encounters, recounts the interaction with vivid detail and palpable frustration.

“So, I’m not going to out the artist, but this pisses me off, and I was so angry,” Elliott begins, setting the stage for a story that many in the hospitality industry might find all too familiar. She delves into the night an artist and his team came into her establishment, pointing out that someone from the artist’s team typically handles the payments.

“I already know what he likes to order… ‘Cause he comes in often,” she states, suggesting a level of rapport and familiarity with the guest.

The tension escalates when a member of the artist’s team challenges Elliott after she requests an ID for a credit card transaction, a standard procedure in many establishments. The team member’s retort,” ‘Well, I thought you knew him that well. You should know this is his card,'” reflects a misunderstanding or disregard for the bottle service protocols Elliott must follow, not to mention the security measures meant to protect patrons themselves.

Elliott expresses her frustration at the dismissive and presumptuous attitude of the team member, who was apparently new and not typically part of the artist’s entourage. “First of all, who are you? You’ve never been a part of his team,” she asserts, defending her position and the need to adhere to procedure.

The situation deteriorates when it comes time to settle the bill. Elliott receives a mere 10% tip, below the customary amount expected for the level of service provided, especially for high-profile clients in a high-profile establishment. She confronts the situation directly, appealing to the artist with whom she has a speaking relationship due to his frequent visits.

“Hey, like your team gave me 10%, which like has never happened,” she recounts telling him, highlighting both the unusualness of the situation and her disappointment.

She says the artist was apologetic, and that other members of his entourage told her to ignore the new, apparently clinging assistant.

Elliott’s bottle service experience sheds light on the often challenging dynamics service industry workers face when dealing with celebrities and their entourages. It underscores the importance of respect and understanding from both sides of the service exchange. As she concludes her story, it’s clear that while she values the artist as a customer, she also expects respect and fairness, especially regarding financial transactions that directly affect her livelihood.

“It’s embarrassing; his team has pulled sh*t before, so idk why I was surprised they now pulled it with a tip,” Elliott said, replying to a comment.

@itsalexiselliott I hate when security or assistants or friends pay like its their money!! #fyp #storytime #bottleservice #bottleservicemiami ♬ original sound – Alexis Elliott

Others had thoughts on her predicament on the artist tipping 10%. One asked, “Can we start shaming the venue owners who make workers rely on the generosity of strangers? I get her point, but tips are optional. Pay her better.” Elliott responded, “It’s more just artists requesting/requiring certain things, and their team is usually not kind, not just tip related either, just rude ppl with them.”

In the video’s comment section, Elliott added on the artist tipping 10%: “I told him I didn’t want any more money and gave him a hug, but lol, we don’t forget these things.”

The story, as told by Elliott, is a reminder of the complex interactions and expectations that define customer service, especially in the high-pressure environment of serving high-profile clients. The Daily Dot has contacted @itsalexiselliott for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 28, 2023, 4:00 pm CST