Woman issues warning about Bank of America ATM after she tried to deposit $3,000

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‘You should’ve dealt with a teller’: Woman issues warning about Bank of America ATM after she tried to deposit $3,000

‘This has happened to me with US Bank.’


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Depositing money into one’s bank account is a straightforward process—or so one might think.

In theory, one should simply be able to go to an ATM or bank teller, share their account information, hand over a check or cash, and be on their way.

However, as many internet users have noted, this isn’t always the case. For example, a Capital One customer alleged that she deposited $300 into her account, only to see $280 added to her balance. Another claimed that her bank began questioning her about where she gets her money after making two deposits, both less than $10,000. A further user stated that he was a victim of check fraud after someone stole and deposited a check via mobile.

Now, another internet user has sparked a discussion after alleging that she deposited $3,000 into her bank account via an ATM, only for that money to disappear.

ATM deposit vanishes

In a video with over 529,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user Ri (@_5williams) alleges that she deposited around $3,000 into a Bank of America ATM. However, that money never made it into her account.

“I’m mad. I’m mad as f***. I just deposited $3000 into this account on this ATM and it just took my money. I’ve been trying to call Bank of America for the past 45 minutes, but everything is f***ing closed,” Ri says.

“It literally gave me this f***ing receipt, but it took all my money,” she continues. “It didn’t show up in my account. The machine literally froze and it took my money.”

The video shows Ri venting about her lost money and promising that she’s not going to leave until the issue is resolved.

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Bank of America responds

In a follow-up video, Ri says that, after being on the phone with Bank of America for an hour and a half, she was told that the money would be deposited into her account.

While it’s still unclear what caused the issue, Ri is happy with the outcome, even if reaching it meant spending a lot of time on the phone and required a visit to a branch location.

As for why she was depositing so much money in the first place, Ri says that she works as a sports gambler and frequently trades in high dollar amounts.

Per the Bank of America website, there are a number of reasons why the bank may hold a customer deposit, ranging from check validation to collecting the funds from the account in question.

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Commenters say it’s not uncommon

In the comments section, users said that they’ve experienced something similar in the past, though a few also offered potential explanations for the issue.

“This has happened to me with US Bank,” shared a user.

“If they’re like my bank, odds are it won’t post until the next business day,” added another.

“Same thing happened to me with $500. Keep the receipt and they’ll be able to watch the camera and post it in your account,” stated a third.

“This happened to me babe. $1100. Keep the receipt,” wrote a further TikToker. “After they audit it’s going to show. They gave it all back.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Bank of America via email and Ri via Instagram direct message.

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