Amazon fails to deliver chairs, tells customer to ‘file a police report’

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‘It says all three were delivered’: Amazon fails to deliver chairs, tells customer to ‘file a police report’

'I hate Amazon they always have problems.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Feb 3, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:33 pm CST

As convenient as Amazon is, there’s often a margin of error that comes with such swift service. But according to TikToker Diane Smith, the company has completely lost its mind.

“OK, you want to hear something ridiculous?” she asked in her clip, which has just under 10,000 views. “I ordered 12 of these, like, folding wooden chairs for an event that we were doing last Thursday. So they were arriving on Wednesday, which is perfect enough time to set up for Thursday.”

She then went on to explain that when she arrived at the venue on Wednesday, there was a package of four chairs missing, so only eight were delivered in total.

“Like, there’s a code to get in the building. There’s nothing sketchy about this,” she added. “Just keep that in mind.”

When she checked her Amazon account, Diane said all her chairs were marked as delivered—but Amazon told her to wait until Thursday, as that was the time limit for all of her items to be delivered.

“Thursday rolls around, these chairs are not delivered. So I called Amazon again and I’m like ‘Hey, the third set of chairs is not is not delivered,'” she said. ” [T]hen they go, ‘OK, well, now you need to make a police report because someone stole your item, and is considered theft and you need to deal with it with the police.'”

This left Diane stunned.

“First of all, no one’s stealing my four wooden chairs that are literally super cheap,” she said. “I mean, $200 I’d be losing if these go, but like, I don’t think anyone who looked at that box was like, ‘Yep, there’s chairs in there. I’m gonna steal them.'”

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“So,” she continued, “I just made a police report. And I’m like, ‘They’re gonna laugh at me and be like, ‘Is this girl serious?’ So I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But at the moment I have to make a police report to find these chairs and why they’re missing, and Amazon will not help me until the police helped me like something’s up. This is super weird.”

In the comments section, viewers offered solutions like trying to get a refund via the app or using the delivery photo to prove it was missing, but none of these seemed to work.

“The problem is on the app it says all three were delivered I could I guess try to say this one wasn’t delivered see if it helps they are useless,” Diane added in a comment.

Diane and Amazon didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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*First Published: Feb 3, 2024, 4:00 pm CST