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‘It’s been 3 hours’: Amazon customers get trapped in their house after delivery driver leaves package in front of door



Grace Fowler


An Amazon customer posted a viral video saying she was trapped inside her house after the delivery driver left her package right outside the front door. 

Holly (@hollyciampaglio) has reached over 7,000 likes on her TikTok. She added a caption to her video that says, “@Amazon we’re still stuck, it’s been 3 hours… trying to wave down a neighbor…” 

To start her video, Holly explains how she received a package from Amazon that was a cardboard cutout of a Star Wars character. Next, Holly flips her camera to record her front door. Through the glass screen, viewers can see a large Amazon box sitting directly in front of the door, blocking the entrance. 

“We can’t open the door!” Holly exclaims. “Oh god, we’re stuck,” she says while trying to crack it open. The door opens a smidgen at the top but is stuck at the bottom due to the pressure of the cardboard box.

A viewer in the comments section suggested that Holly should “DoorDash something!” to get someone to her house to open the door. 

“This happened to me a couple years ago! call the local police station, not 911, and explain what happened. they’ll send someone out to help!” another said.

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Another viewer joked, “The forthcoming ‘how was your delivery’ review feedback: PLEASE SEND HELP!”

Holly does not reveal how she got out of her house, but in a video posted later the same day, she is out and about in public, so she clearly worked something out.

She’s not the only customer to experience a viral Amazon delivery fail. In a recent Daily Dot report, another Amazon customer says their driver delivered their package on the roof. After realizing that the customer’s front gate was locked, the Amazon driver decided to fling the package over the fence. The customer’s front door camera caught the delivery guy’s unfortunate mistake and reaction. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Holly via email and TikTok direct message, and to Amazon via email.

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