Amazon driver delivers package. Customer can't believe where he put it

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‘He knew he messed up lol’: Amazon driver delivers package. Customer can’t believe where he left it

‘Can’t be mad at the guy after seeing his reaction.’


Stacy Fernandez


You’ll never believe where this man’s package ended up. Hint? You’d have to look up to find it.

Deliveries from controversial retail behemoth Amazon get misplaced all the time. The error can come from mishaps in the warehouse, causing your package to never even make it on a delivery truck, or items getting delivered but promptly stolen.

But in this case, the delivery driver did his darned best to make sure a customer’s, Vince’s (@viince__), package made it to them safely…after he accidentally delivered it to a hard-to-reach place.

Delivery gone wrong

In a viral video nearing 400,000 views as of Sunday, Vince’s front door camera caught the delivery guy’s unfortunate mistake and reaction.

In the clip, Vince’s fence and metal gate are visible, and it seems the gate was locked when the Amazon driver came to deliver the package.

Realizing this, the Amazon delivery person decided to fling a package over the fence, but he either overestimated his throw or underestimated how light the item was.

The result? The package lands on the roof.

@viince__ This how my package got delivered Saturday morning 😂😂 #amazon #fypage #amazonfastshipping #goodmorning #thankyou ♬ original sound – Vince

In the clip, the delivery guy looks at what he’s done with instant regret, standing there, meme-like staring at his mistake. The camera captures his dismay as he utters an expletive.

In a comment, Vince wrote, “Package is good nothing broken. Can’t be mad at the guy after seeing his reaction.”

Viewers are amused

“Well forsure nobody stealin it,” a commenter wrote.

“Well at least he didn’t mean to put it up there lol,” another said.

Another commented, ‘He did deliver it and he knew he messed up lol it wasn’t malicious.”

But there’s more.

The delivery guy, so concerned about the errantly placed package, apparently left a voicemail.

Vince shared a follow-up video, playing the voicemail: “Hello, I’m here with Amazon. I threw a package in and it went up on top of the roof. On top of the roof of the porch is where the bag is.”

To be extra sure his message got across, the man repeated it all in Spanish and signed off with a polite, “Gracias, thank you.”

“This guy is a gem,” a person commented.

“Give that man a bonus cause at least he let them know AND he said it in Spanish too just in case,” another chimed in.

This isn’t the first time a delivery person has accidentally thrown a package on a customer’s roof, according to CNN.

In another viral video, a different Amazon delivery person is seen walking up to a person’s house holding a few lightweight packages in his hand when he seemingly runs into a spider’s web or encounters a bug. Unfortunately, when he swats at the pest, one of the smaller packages he was holding goes flying out of his hand and onto the roof.

“F*ck,” the man says to himself while walking around on the lawn in circles.

It seems Amazon delivery people are serious about their work, because like the other guy this driver put in the effort to reach out and correct the mistake. He sent the customer a message letting them know “this sounds crazy but I accidentally threw a package on your roof.”

@viince__ Replying to @lovethatdeedee He did 😂 got a voicemail he said “Gracias and Thank you!”#amazonfastshipping #amazon #amazonroof ♬ original sound – Vince

“Do you have a ladder I can use?” the man asked, intent on getting it down himself.

The customers told him not to worry about it, saying it gave them a good laugh. The next day, they busted out their ladder and got the misplaced package down themselves.

Now, if you’re ever in a situation where you have a missing package that’s marked as delivered (and you already checked your roof), your best bet, according to Amazon, is to reach out to the seller, whether it’s a third-party seller or Amazon directly.

The Daily Dot reached out to Vince for comment via Instagram direct message and to Amazon via email.

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