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‘She humbled him real quick’: Alix Earle turns away from John Summit’s rizz at Messi game. It’s a look women know too well

‘The way he follows her lead & starts looking around too is sending me.’


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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. It’s an inspirational saying that is meant to get folks to care more about the risk of not going after what they want versus risking embarrassment. The trouble is, however, that dealing with the aftermath of missing a shot, especially in a public forum, can be pretty devastating and difficult to navigate.

Especially if you’re somewhat of a public figure in a public place where folks can openly record you without your knowledge. Which is what has appeared to have happened to Chicago-based DJ and electronic dance music producer John Summit.

A viral TikTok, that was uploaded to what looks like a spoof account named John Summif (@johnsummif), shows a man attempting to converse with a woman with a head of dyed-blonde, streaky hair tied into a tight ponytail.

A text overlay in the video reveals the identity of the two people in the clip: The woman is TikToker and model Alix Earle (@alixearle) who posts a variety of makeup and fashion tutorials on her social media profile. The man: Summit. They’re at an Inter Miami game, which has become a hotbed night out for celebrities amid Messi mania.

She holds a drink in her hand as Summit makes small talk with her, which she briefly acknowledges and then turns her attention elsewhere, checking her phone. The video then zooms in on Summit’s face and he appears to give a disappointed look.


might see this strikeout on espn not top 10 plays 😭

♬ original sound – John Summif

Numerous folks in the comments section weren’t very kind to Summit, with one person writing: “Honestly without all the music and fame if I bumped in to John summit he just looks like a chaddy finance bro”

Another person seemed to enjoy the fact that Earle, who boasts 5.7 million followers, wasn’t impressed with Summit: “it’s the look around and then down at the phone for me hahaha she humbled him real quick”

“The way he follows her lead & starts looking around too is sending me,” another person said.

There were several women in the comments section who said that they, too, feel like they’ve been in similar situations as the woman that Summit approached in the clip: “THAT MHM AND LOOK AROUND IS A FEELING US WOMEN KNOW ALL TOO WELL HAHAHA,” one TikToker wrote.


Some of the delight that folks seem to be having at Summit’s expense could be due to some comments he’s made about leaving his girlfriend after he became a full-time DJ, where he said in an interview when asked about the girls he’s able to now “pull” with his new career that he would personally never trust a DJ around women.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Summit and Earle via email for further comment.

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