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‘I’m thinking they’re gonna be like jalapeño poppers’: Woman buys Loaded Tater Barrels from Aldi. She’s ‘shocked’ by what’s inside

‘You always surprise me in the BEST way!’


Grace Fowler


An Aldi customer bought the company’s Loaded Tater Barrels and posted a viral video after finding out what’s really inside. 

Lunaria (@lunariagifts) has reached over 163,500 views and 9,800 likes on her TikTok as of this writing. She told Aldi in the comments section, “You always surprise me in the BEST way!”

In the first second of her video, Lunaria says, “I’m gagged.” She then flips her camera to show the bag of Loaded Tater Barrels she had bought from Aldi. The Tater Barrels are described on the bag as containing “Cheddar cheese, uncured bacon bits and jalapeños.” 

“I’m thinking they’re gonna be like jalapeño poppers, right?” she says, or “like little tater tots.” 

Lunaria giggles as she pours out one of the tater barrels onto what looks like a baking tray covered with aluminum foil. She pours out one more tater barrel and says, “I don’t think you can quite grasp how large these are.” 

She places a tater barrel into her hand to show that it almost entirely covers her palm and says, “That ain’t no tater tot; that’s a tater TANK.”

@lunariagifts @ALDI USA You always surprise me in the BEST way! 🥰 #aldi #tatertots #jalapeno #bacon #potato #tatertank ♬ original sound – LunariaGifts

A viewer in the comments section said, “It says barrels,” with a laughing face emoji. Lunaria responded, “I should’ve known.” 

The Takeout states that tater barrels, often referred to as tater kegs, are different from tater tots because “they’re huge, and they’re stuffed with filling.” Tater kegs can be described as “3x the size of your average tater,” it continues. 

A Reddit user posted under the thread r/aldi explaining that Aldi’s Loaded Tater Barrels come with “Only 4 per pack,” and they suggest that you “only need 1 as a side dish.”

“These remind me of the loaded potato bites arby’s used to have. I will have to try!!” another user said. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Lunaria via TikTok comment and direct message and to Aldi via email for more information.

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