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‘I shut my mouth so hard the next hour’: Woman eats Snickers bar, then plane announces there’s a nut allergy on board

‘They should so have said that earlier I would’ve cried in guilt.’


Melody Heald


While Snickers’ tagline is “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” we think the chocolate bar company would agree that it’s better to be not yourself than to potentially trigger someone’s peanut allergy in an enclosed space while over 30,000 feet in the air.

Popular TikToker Elsie Bay (@iamelsiebay) experienced a nightmare scenario while on a flight. She says she just finished her Snicker’s bar when a flight attendant hopped on the plane’s intercom to make an ill-timed announcement.

“Welcome aboard. Onboard this flight, we have a passenger who is severely allergic to nuts,” the flight attendant says. “We, therefore, ask you not to consume any nuts or open products containing nuts, which you may have brought on board.”

“Nobody on this plane [knows] how close we are to a disaster,” the text overlay on Bay’s video reads. It’s been viewed over 2.4 million times.

Bay says she realized, while the flight attendant was making the announcement, that she couldn’t open her mouth.

“I shut my mouth so hard the next hour,” Bay said in the caption of the clip.

@iamelsiebay I shut my mouth so hard the next hour. #nobodyonthisplane #peanuts #allergy #plane #airplane #prank #elsiebay #peanut #allergies #disaster #planecrash ♬ Frolic (Theme from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" TV Show) – Luciano Michelini

The Daily Dot reached out to Bay via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. Bay wasn’t the only person to experience something like this.

“One time I was eating peanut M&Ms and that announcement came on. Let’s just say I pack them up real quick,” one viewer shared.

“This happened to me on a flight and I was so looking forward to my payday bar, 2 seconds from opening it, bam. announcement,” a second recalled.

People felt the severity of the issue warranted an earlier announcement. “Shouldn’t they also announce before boarding…?” the top comment questioned.

“They should so have said that earlier I would’ve cried in guilt,” another said.

Are peanut allergies airborne?

While rare, peanut allergies can be airborne. The severity to an allergy also differs among people. In 2022, a 14-year-old on a flight suffered anaphylaxis, requiring oxygen and two shots of an EpiPen, after a fellow passenger refused to stop eating peanuts, according to the Daily Mail.

Many viewers pointed this out. “So it’s verrrrrrry very rare that anything would happen thru the air but it’s just safer to not take the risk bc if smth does happen ur 30,000 feet in the air,” one said.

Once upon a time, all the big airlines would serve peanuts on flights. This came to an end around 2018, however, in part, due to allergy concerns.

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