young man with bag and caption 'when your airbnb host provided two toilet papers for a 2 week stay; so you ask were you can get some more and he says 'the supermarket', so you take some from the lobby instead (l&r) toilet (c)

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‘They don’t care about their reviews’: Airbnb host sends guest to store after not supplying enough toilet paper

‘How is Airbnb still a thing?’


Beau Paul


Running an Airbnb can be a very hard side gig. Guests can be rowdy and destructive. But that said, hosts need to provide at least the bare amenities for guests, and one viral video is pointing out an epic fail on the part of the house.

Airbnb host Artsy (@thesnobbyartsyblog) posts numerous videos about hosting on her TikTok channel. One of those videos recently hit over 239,000 views and counting for illustrating what not to do if you ever want your guests to rebook with you.

“This is what I believe people do who don’t book with me bc I could NEVER!” Artsy writes in the video caption. In it, a man surreptitiously removes toilet paper from an apartment building lobby.

“When your Airbnb host provided two toilet papers for a two-week stay; so you ask where you can get some more at and he says ‘the supermarket’ so you take some from the lobby instead,” the on-screen text reads.

@thesnobbyartsyblog this is what I believe people do who dont book with me bc i could NEVER! 😭 #airbnbguestsbehavingbadly #airbnbguest #airbnb #airbnbhost #airbnbbusiness #POV ♬ original sound – TBK

While the guest’s behavior may strike some as shady, most of Arty’s viewers sympathized with his actions—and they called out the host as well.

“The supermarket is crazy they don’t care about their reviews,” one viewer wrote in response to the host’s instructions.

Another commenter wrote indignantly, “No cause that’s when I’d go ahead and pack some stuff around the place into my suitcase. They can go get it back at the Supermarket.”

Jk (@jmercian) wrote that he didn’t even get the “luxury” of two rolls, stating, “Ours did the same. But it was a SINGULAR ROLL. And they promised base necessities like soap and pepper, didnt have that either. Had to buy it ourselves.”

However, some viewers felt that the host was in the right in not providing “extra” toilet paper.

Evy (@evy0919) wrote, “On what planet are people on? It’s not a hotel. They don’t stock your fridge with food either. They supply enough but you buy more if needed.”

We will let the reader decide whether one roll of toilet paper per week is “enough.” The Daily Dot has reached out to Artsy via TikTok for further comment.

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