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‘Defrauding an innkeeper has five years in jail’: Airbnb guest threw a party at a rental. Then she filed a chargeback on her entire stay

‘If you want to defraud people and act like a freaking terrible person, let’s go.’


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Aug 30, 2023

Many have divulged Airbnb horror stories online, but one host shared a tale about a guest that is certainly among the worst.

In a now-viral TikTok video, VA Loan Mama (@valoanmama) explained how one guest trashed her house and then tried to scam her. As of Tuesday evening, her video had over 77,200 views. 

@valoanmama Short Term Rental Horror Guests #disneyhouse #airbnb #rentalguests ♬ original sound – VA Loan Mama

“It is feral Friday and I’m about to file a defrauding an innkeeper claim,” she said. The Airbnb host explained that a guest trashed her rental property, filed a fraudulent claim charge, and tried to get a full refund on their stay after @valoanmama asked for $150 in damages. 

The guest, @valoanmama said, “left bullet casings in the kids’ playroom, stole towels, [and] stole an Xbox controller.” She then questioned whether she should post her Ring doorbell videos of the guests “stealing [her] things” as a warning to other short-term rental owners. 

But in the end, @valoanmama took more drastic steps. In a follow-up video, she said that she decided to file defrauding an innkeeper charges.

“If you want to defraud people and act like a freaking terrible person, let’s go,” she said.
“Defrauding an innkeeper has five years in jail.”

In the comments section, users egged on the Airbnb host and urged her to follow-through with her threat.

“Absolutely destroy them girl,” one user wrote. “LETS GOOOOO!!!!”

“Make them famous,” another added.

“Put everything out there,” a third person said.

A follow-up video showed @valoanmama calling her local sheriff’s office to press charges against the perpetrators. In this second TikTok, which had over one million views, the host listened to a police officer as they walked her through what to do. 

The host later said that she submitted her evidence to the bank and is expecting to get her money back. She also said that she’s following up with the police to get charges filed against the guest.

“I want them in jaiiiiil,” @valoanmama commented under one of her videos.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @valoanmama via TikTok comment and to Airbnb by email.

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*First Published: Aug 30, 2023, 7:03 am CDT