Airbnb guest says house was stuffy. So he fixes the AC himself

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‘Made a trip to Walmart at 9:30’: Airbnb guest says house was stuffy. So he fixes the AC himself

‘Now bill them $300 for time and parts.’


Melody Heald


An Airbnb guest took matters into his own hands after the house he was staying at was “stuffy”—he replaced the AC filter himself.

The video was uploaded by California-based air conditioning company Honest Pro A/C & Heating (@honestproair). One of the AC technicians took matters into his own hands after the Airbnb he was staying at wouldn’t cool down. First, he snapped a photo of the AC vent. Then, he messaged the host regarding the air vent. Next, he removed the filthy air filter. What caused the house to be stuffy? The dirty air filter, he claims.

Afterward, the content creator “made a trip to Walmart at 9:30,” purchasing supplies and a new filter. Before installing the new filter, he compared the old filter to the new one. The old air filter was gray and dusty. The new one, on the other hand, was clean without a speck of dirt. The content creator concluded the video by replacing the air filter which lowered the temperature to an icy 65 degrees.

The content creator warned his followers in the caption, “PSA: CLEAN YOUR FILTERS!! it feels like the arctic in here now.”

@honestproair PSA: CLEAN YOUR FILTERS!! it feels like the arctic in here now 🤣 #fyp #homeownertips #residentialhvac #airconditioning #newhomeowners #homeowners ♬ Kiss Me Thru Yo Fingers DoubleJack Transition – DoubleJack

The Daily Dot reached out to Pro A/C & Heating via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for more information. The video amassed 2.2 million views as of Sunday, where viewers urged the content creator to charge the host for replacing their air filter.

“Better have sent them an invoice,” one viewer wrote.

“Now bill them $300 for time and parts,” a second agreed.

In addition, others shared how they or someone they know has done the same thing.

“The amount of times we’ve stayed at hotels and if the ac isn’t working my dad would just casually fix it like it’s nothing,” one user commented.

“Yup! I changed a filter at an Airbnb that looked like it hadn’t been changed in a year,” a second shared.

Furthermore, @honestproair) wasn’t the only one who fixed something in an Airbnb. One guest and her husband repaired a toilet themselves after accidentally breaking it. An Airbnb host was upset after a tenant didn’t install an AC unit, causing water damage throughout the entire house.

However, Airbnb recommends not repairing any damage a house might have. “Accidents are rare, but they happen. If you, someone you invite, or a pet are responsible for damage during a stay, let your Host know right away. The best way to do this is by sending them a message through the Airbnb website or app, just in case our Community Support team needs to refer to it later. If you can provide photos, that’s great, too.”

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