911 operator records herself at work

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‘We’re seeing into jobs that you should not be seeing into’: 911 operator records herself at work. It backfires

'People will do anything for 15 minutes.'


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Posted on Jun 26, 2023

TikToker Kimanni Starr (@kimannistarr) recently posted a video reacting to another TikTok in which a 911 dispatcher films her day at work.

The video begins with a clip of the working 911 dispatcher before switching over to Kimanni, who explains why she feels this is inappropriate. Viewed over 31,000 times as of Monday, the video sparked a debate on what is and isn’t appropriate to film.

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“No hate to this creator just confusion,” Kimanni begins after the clip from the previous TikToker ends. “I used to be a 911 dispatcher and a communications specialist, and I am so confused because never did I decide or think of recording myself working.”

Kimanni continues to explain her point of view, “With the calls that you get, whether it’s a gunshot wound or a traffic stop… we are seeing into jobs that we should not be seeing into.”

“I just feel like if it was someone of my kind we would’ve been fired expeditiously,” she concludes.

Viewers agreed with Kimanni, and discussed how inappropriate it is to film 911 calls.

“A person calling 911 might be something simple or almost nothing but it can also be the moment that a world changes for a family or friends. It’s not content and the fact she thought to make that video seems so wrong to me,” one user said.

“Used to be a 911 dispatcher & training coordinator, too,” a former dispatcher added. “If it was my center we would be fired and on the news ASAP lol.”

“Too many ppl record anything just for views. I’m pretty sure she’s not allowed to record while working because I couldn’t working at taco bell lol,” another user replied.

“Those comments are odd & it’s weird she’s making content out of ppl needing help… calling 911 can be very traumatic depending on the situation,” someone else added.

Others shared examples of people stepping over the line with the content they choose to share on the internet.

“Ive seen [so] many wax specialists on live at work like I’m sure y’all ask the client but thats still not it,” a user shared.

“I saw someone post a video of their neighbors kid telling them on a ring camera that his brother offed himself. People will do anything for 15 minutes,” another added.

“I’m going to hate on this, even if you spent one day in emergency medicine you would know how many lines this crosses,” wrote a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kimanni via email.

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*First Published: Jun 26, 2023, 4:52 pm CDT