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‘Omg I need all of these’: 5 beauty product dupes that are just like the original

‘Sprinting to Bath & Body Works.’


Ljeonida Mulabazi


Beauty products are now more expensive than ever, with prices rising sharply each year.

According to Women’s Health, the price of shampoo rose by 8% and the cost of shower gel by 11% in 2023 alone, with companies citing inflation as the main culprit for the increase. 

As such, more affordable beauty duplicates or “dupes” are surging in popularity. As reported by NIQ, searches for “dupe + skin care” have increased by 123.5%, while searches for “dupe + makeup” have risen by 31%.

With many influencers now dedicating their whole platform to discovering and promoting beauty dupes, social media is an ideal place to find high-quality, cheap alternatives to high-end brands, or even more affordable mid-range products with a similar formula.

In this list, we’re breaking down five of the best dupe deals TikTok has had to offer lately. Let’s get into it. 

Bath & Body Works perfume dupes

Customer says Bath & Body Works now has perfume dupes for major designer fragrances
@zachdeparfum/Tiktok JHVEPhoto/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

TikToker Zach (@zachdeparfum) said in a viral video that Bath & Body Works has released dupes for several high-end fragrances. 

“Bath & Body Works just dropped a line of luxury perfume dupes and we’re gonna go over every single one,” he begins.

For example, he highlights “Covered in Roses,” a fruity floral similar to Delina by Parfums de Marly. Then there’s “Pink Obsessed,” which smells like Valentino’s Born in Roma. Zach’s favorite is “Oh Cherry,” a dupe for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry.

“I would take any dupe over the original Tom Ford any day,” he claims.

Other standout dupes include “Petal Parade” for Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, “Getaway Soirée” for Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc, and “Viva Vanilla” for Billie Eilish’s Eilish No. 1. Zach wraps up with “On the Horizon,” comparable to Replica’s Sailing Day.

According to Zach, a great fragrance doesn’t have to break the bank.

“Some of these are really spot on,” he concludes. 

Five Below ‘Sol De Janeiro’ dupes

Five Below shopper finds cheaper dupes for Sol de Janiero products
@abbythebadassmom/TikTok Sam Aronov/ShutterStock (Licensed)

If you’re a fan of Sol de Janeiro but not their prices, TikToker Abby Rivera (@abbythebadassmom) has a tip for you.

In her viral TikTok, Rivera reveals her discovery of Sol de Janeiro dupes at Five Below.

“The best dupe yet,” Rivera announces, holding up three colorful containers of body butter.

“If you are obsessed with Sol de Janeiro, get your butt to Five Below,” she urges.

Rivera compares the Brazilian Caramel Dreams scent at Five Below to Sol de Janeiro’s No. 62, mentioning the similar notes of salted caramel, pistachio, and vanilla. The Vanilla Plum Nectar and No. 40 scents both feature plum, jasmine, and vanilla or tonka bean, while Pink Hibiscus Dragonfruit and No. 68 are nearly identical with their dragon fruit and floral notes.

The creator also found hair and body fragrance mist and body oil at Five Below, all for five dollars each.

“You could actually get all three body sprays, all three body butters, and it would still be less than the price of one Sol de Janeiro product,” she concludes. 

Target perfume dupes

Customer says Target now has perfume dupes for major designer fragrances
Retail Photographer/ShutterStock @ravennicolegates/TikTok (Licensed)

In a recent video, TikTok creator Raven Nicole Gates (@ravennicolegates) said Target’s Fine’ry perfume dupes are extremely similar to high-end fragrances.

In the clip, Gates points out different perfume bottles in a Target store, matching scents like Baccarat, Tom Ford Cherry, and Black Opium to their luxury inspirations. 

Target says that the goal for the Fine’ry collection is to make luxury fragrances available to everyone at $29.99 per bottle, a fraction of the cost of high-end brands like Tom Ford’s $250 perfume. 

Dollar Tree ‘Native’ dupes

Shopper finds Native body wash dupes at Dollar Tree
@momingthisshiz/TikTok Nolichuckyjake/ShutterStock (Licensed)

While shopping at Dollar Tree, TikToker Cait (@momingthisshiz) made an exciting discovery that she said made her “stop in her tracks.”

She found dupes for Native body wash in scents like Caramel Corn, Jelly Bean, Cotton Candy, Coconut Vanilla, and Peach Rings, each costing only $1.25.

The minimalist packaging closely resembles Native’s brand, known for its clean ingredients but higher price tags, with body wash at $8.99.

Dollar Tree’s version, from Personal Care, costs only $1.25. According to Cait, these dupes are “gluten-free, paraben-free, dye-free, and not tested on animals.”

She excitedly stated, “I’m definitely grabbing a few,” as she showcased the ingredients on the bottle.

More beauty product dupes by Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree customer finds beauty product dupes
@rachelxburrows/TikTok Nolichuckyjake/ShutterStock (Licensed)

TikToker Rachel Burrows (@rachelxburrows) shared some Dollar Tree dupes that mimic high-end brands for just $1.25. 

First up, she highlights b.pure’s hydrating night lip mask, calling it a “total Laneige dupe.” She also loves their regular and super pads with organic cotton, comparing them favorably to The Honey Pot Company but at a fraction of the cost.

For skincare, Burrows points out b.pure’s gentle skin cleanser as a great alternative to Cetaphil. “My Cetaphil people: they have a dupe for the Cetaphil Gentle [Skin] Cleaner,” she notes. 

Burrows also finds makeup gems, like a lip jelly similar to Tower 28 Beauty’s version. “I love that,” she says.

She wraps up by highlighting other brands at Dollar Tree like Diamond Cosmetics and Sassy Chic, which offer high-quality makeup vanishing towels and eyebrow razors. 

“Who doesn’t love an even more affordable dupe?” she concludes. 

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