Customer says Target now has perfume dupes for major designer fragrances

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‘Midnight cafe smells EXACTLY like black opium’: Customer says Target now has perfume dupes for major designer fragrances

‘I tried these on, swear they lasted me a full 24hrs.’


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To get all the luxury of high-end perfumes for only half the price, Target’s perfume dupe fragrance collection Fine’ry should be your first stop for luxury scent smell-alikes, according to a TikToker.

Raven Nicole Gates (@ravennicolegates) has got you covered with a guide to shopping the Fine’ry collection and their high-end inspirations. While pointing to each fragrance at a Target store, they let you know exactly where they think each scent got its inspiration from.

“So I’m gonna tell you all the dupes,” Raven says in the clip, pointing to each bottle. “This is Baccarat. Tom Ford Cherry. Black Opium. Billie Eilish. Kayales. Pistachio. Jo Malone’s Woodsage and Sea Salt. Ariana Grande’s Cloud. Missing Person, this is Chanel. And then lastly, Byredo’s Sundaze.”

Target’s site for the Fine’ry collection underscores its passion for making luxury scents available at affordable prices: “We believe fine fragrance is a luxury and a pleasure everyone should have access to. We want to open the world of artisanal fragrances. We want to redefine luxury perfume. Everyone deserves to feel fine,” the site says.

Considering that a bottle of a Finer’y perfume is $29.99 and some of the dupe’s scents can cost as much as $250 (Tom Ford’s Cherry perfume for just 50 ml compared to Fine’ry’s 60ml bottle), they’re not lying about the accessibility part.

The video has 1.4 million views as of Saturday morning.

@ravennicolegates New @fine’ry. At Target! Theres a few of them my target didnt have but they did have 3 of the newest ones #perfume #target #finery #fineryperfume ♬ original sound – ravennicolegates

Fragrance fans are divided about the dupes

Many folks in the comments section are also raving about the Fine’ry collection while others are more critical.

“The Tom Ford cherry dupe is spot on. I have both and compared,” one user said.

“Midnight cafe smells EXACTLY like black opium im shook,” another wrote, referencing YSL’s popular “Black Opium” scent.

“I’ve gotten so many compliments on the Rouge dupe. It’s GOOD,” says another.

“I have the cherry dupe one but it does not last long which is what i look for in dupes,” points out another as a potential downside.

“I got Flower Bed and it smells heavenly but after 5 mins you can’t tell I have anything on,” agrees another commenter.

While some users believe the Fine’ry collection’s scent doesn’t last as long when worn, others are blown away by their close smells to the real deal. It’s important to note that this Target collection isn’t the only one making luxury scents more affordable. The Daily Dot has recently covered Bath & Body Works’ Everyday Luxuries Collection which has dupes for several of the same designer brands as Target, according to @zachdeparfum’s video.

It seems that the days of paying hundreds of dollars for a luxury scent might be over, although some will always prefer the “real deal.” The Daily Dot has reached out to Target for comment via email and to Raven via TikTok comment and Instagram.

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