people waiting in lines at airport (l) Frontier tickets for $31.96 & $33.95 with total circled with red (r)

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‘Wait so we can buy the tickets same day we flyin out?’: Traveler gets round-trip plane tickets for $32 each by purchasing them in the airport

'Oh no, this would cause way too much stress and anxiety within me.'


Phil West


Posted on Jun 23, 2023

A traveler who was in Atlanta’s international airport claims to have purchased two round-trip plane tickets for a little under $64 — that’s less than $32 each.

The video chronicling the episode comes from TikToker Kay Rich (@forever.richburg), who claims to be a “frequent flyer” on her TikTok page.

The clip shows her at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, dealing with long lines and attempting to secure tickets at the airport. She claims the video was taken at Wednesday at 6 p.m., when the airport was “packed.”

@forever.richburg SN: So the ticket that price says $63.92 that’s for two people. #ticketcounteragent #frontierairlines #spiritairlines #budgettraveltips #budgettraveler #fyp #foryourpage #letstravel #bookattheairport #blackgirltravel #firsttimegardener #cheapflights #bookattheairport #cheapflights #familytravel ♬ original sound – Kay Rich

“I’m going to go purchase tickets for myself, my parents, and my aunties,” she declares, and then observes, “So, the line was so long so they had to check people in and try to squeezing in. So basically, I got all our flights for $35.”

The video then shows a receipt for two Atlanta-to-Miami plane tickets, with names scribbled out and prices circled in a Photoshopped screen shot, for no more than $33.96 each.

A look at the Frontier website reveals that the base price for a one-way Atlanta-to-Miami flight is $38 on Tuesday, June 27, though the price can rise to as much as $65 to $165 on other days of the week.

The video received over 124,000 views and a number of commenters wanted to know how the TikToker managed to get her plane tickets for such a low price. The creator touted a pinned video that shows how she did it and she also answered some queries along the way.

“So you’re saying go to the kiosk to buy flights instead of online and they’ll be that much cheaper,” one commenter asked, to which creator responded, “Go to the ticket counter and book with an agent.”

“Wait so we can buy the tickets same day we flyin out??” another inquired.

“Yes, up to two hours in advance,” the TikToker advised.

Other commenters claimed to have made similar plane ticket purchases but one person cautioned against the last minute purchase, saying, “Oh no, this would cause way too much stress and anxiety within me.”

“Noooo you can do it!” the creator encouraged. “It’s best to go between 10 [am]-12 pm.”

The creator posted a similar video that showed a $50.80 round-trip from Atlanta to Miami on Spirit. In the second video she also chronicled her time before the flight, which included a questionable request for “wheelchair assistance to the gate” because she was tired.

@forever.richburg My Round Trip for $50.80 with Spirit #ticketcounteragent #frontierairlines #spiritairlines #budgettraveltips #budgettraveler #fyp #foryourpage #letstravel #bookattheairport #blackgirltravel #letstravel #familyreunion #pirecingsandtattoos #92ndbirthday #foe ♬ original sound – Kay Rich

“Are you handicapped?” a commenter asked.

“No,” the creator responded. “I said I was exhausted. If you look at my previous videos, you’ll see why.”

“Yo,” another commenter chimed in. “Having someone push you in a wheelchair because you are tired and not handicap[ped] is very Karen-ish.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 23, 2023, 3:29 pm CDT