Texas Roadhouse server complains about tables that don't consider babies as part of their party

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‘It’s gonna be 3 and 2 highchairs’: Texas Roadhouse host complains about tables that don’t consider babies as part of their party

‘When they say 2 and then a kid appears when the table is ready.’


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Jul 11, 2023

A Texas Roadhouse host went viral on TikTok after sharing one of his pet peeves about the service industry: dealing with customers who don’t consider small children as part of their party. 

In a viral video that has received over 271,500 views as of Tuesday morning, Aidan Cross (@aidan_cross1414) roleplayed a common exchange he said he’s had when trying to seat customers.

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“Welcome to Texas Roadhouse, how many?” Cross said to a co-worker, who pretended to be a guest.

“It’s gonna be three and two highchairs,” the co-worker responded.

Clearly annoyed, Cross requested further clarification.

“So [are] the two high chairs included with the three?” he asked.

“Um, I guess so,” the co-worker responded after a short pause.

Her confusion forced Cross to ask for clarification—again.

“How many actual, physical people do you guys have?” he asked. 

“I guess it’s gonna be five. But we need three [chairs] and two highchairs,” the co-worker said.

The pair then—finally—appeared to be on the same page.

“So there’s five of you,” Cross concluded.

In the comments section, fellow service industry workers said that they could relate to Cross’s frustration. A few shared similar experiences they said they’ve had at their respective workplaces.

“When I’m hosting and they say ‘3 and a half’ all my brain cells leave,” one user wrote.

“I was a hostess for TRH and the amount of ppl confused at me for telling them their baby is an actual person in their party lmao,” another said.

“As a host this is so real,” a third person wrote. “Or when they say 2 and then a kid appears when the table is ready.”

Many restaurant workers have recently taken to TikTok to air their grievances about working in the service industry. One server, for instance, went viral after sharing a long list of customer “icks.” Another raked in views with a story about a customer who wouldn’t order food before knowing the name of the cook.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Cross via TikTok comment and to Texas Roadhouse by email.

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*First Published: Jul 11, 2023, 12:28 pm CDT