Taco Bell customer says she was almost charged $28 for a Baja Blast

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‘I thought she was being sarcastic’: Taco Bell customer says she was almost charged $28 for a Baja Blast

'The most expensive Baja Blast ever.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Apr 18, 2024   Updated on Apr 18, 2024, 10:18 am CDT

One woman’s drive-thru video had her fellow TikTokers laughing alongside her after things took an unexpected turn.

“Watch me almost pay $28 for a Baja Blast,” Rebekah Hollar (@bekahhollar) wrote over a video shared to the platform earlier in the week. 

The nearly two minute video shows her go through the process of ordering and waiting on her drink at a Taco Bell drive-thru, cash in hand, wondering why things were taking longer than she expected.

“Guess they just wanted to make it fresh for me,” she joked.

But when the worker finally came through with her order ready to go, Hollar received a shock—an alleged price point of $27.29.

“Oh, I just wanted a Baja Blast,” she said. 

“I thought you wanted a water, too?” the worker replied, as if that shifted anything. When Hollar confirmed that she only wanted the singular drink, she was told it was still the same amount.

Fortunately, this wasn’t a case of fast food suffering from wildly inflated prices. The two came to the conclusion that Hollar was being charged for the wrong order, sending them both into hysterics.

“The most expensive Baja Blast ever,” Hollar told the worker, laughing almost to the point of tears.

While she noted in her caption that the incident “made me laugh harder than it shouldve,” clearly her viewers felt the same way. The TikTok pulled in over 1.8 million views, and people in the comments section were having a great time watching the simple but unexpected mistake play out.

“‘I thought you wanted a water too’ I’m sorry even then that price don’t add up,” @goryboyzpro wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

“I was like since when is a water 25 bucks?” @slicks.wifey agreed.

“It probably made her day when you laughed it off with her,” said @mirandacarter5. “People can be so mean.”

“I thought she was being sarcastic with you about the water thing lol like she knew it was a joke,” @jochiee12 admitted.

@bekahhollar This made me laugh harder than it shouldve 😂 #tacobell #bajablast #drivethru ♬ original sound – rebekah hollar

A few people wondered why Hollar happened to be recording when this took place. In a follow-up video, she explained that she’d never made a drive-thru video before but had been planning on doing a parody of sorts of the TikToks where people break down their coffee order.

“I was gonna be like, half a cup of ice, 74 degrees, Venti Baja Blast, that’s my order,” she said, “because I’m obsessed with soda.”

Based on viewers’ reactions to the actual drive-thru video, it sounds like the unexpected turn was the better outcome—sometimes we all just need a good laugh over the simple things in life.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hollar via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Apr 18, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT