Driver says Toyota Corolla just passed 100K miles. Here's why she won't get rid of it

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‘Me with my 2014 Honda Civic’: Driver says Toyota Corolla just passed 100K miles. Here’s why she won’t get rid of it

‘Rode my Camry until 327k miles!’


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Whenever internet users discuss car reliability, one name comes up over and over again: Toyota.

While some have complained about issues in recent models, others have sung the praises of the popular auto manufacturer. For example, one auto shop listed their top six cars in terms of reliability—and four of the vehicles were manufactured by Toyota. Another mechanic listed a Toyota vehicle among the top three most reliable cars he’s worked on.

Given this, it’s no surprise that drivers love their Toyotas—and as a result, they plan to drive them as long as possible. Such is the case with TikTok user Sarah (@justanothersarahh), who recently sparked discussion after revealing why she’s not giving up on her 2013 Toyota Corolla.

Why this driver says 100,000 miles is not enough

In a clip with over 471,000 views as of Sunday, Sarah explains that she is a travel nurse who drives a 2013 Toyota Corolla that she’s had since college. While she says friends and family members have asked her when she’s going to upgrade her ride, she claims that she has no plans to do so.

As for why, Sarah notes that she has no car payment.

“My car has been paid off for a couple of years now, and I have no interest in having a car note,” she explains.

Additionally, she states that the maintenance on her car is “pretty easy,” saying that she gets oil changes about “every 5,000 or so miles,” and that the “oil changes are very affordable.”

This affordability extends to its mileage, as Sarah claims she can fill up the tank for just $40 in the state of California.

“If you know gas here in California, it is not cheap,” she notes.

“My car also just recently passed 100,000 miles, and I feel like in Toyota years, that is just getting started,” she adds. “At the end of the day, it’s me and my Corolla against the world.”

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Viewers love their Toyotas

In the comments section, many users echoed Sarah’s statements, claiming that they too drove Toyota vehicles and planned to continue doing so for as long as possible.

“Rode my Camry until 327k miles!” exclaimed a user.

“I’m still driving my 2014 Toyota camry and I have 198,000 miles. He still thinks he young,” added another.

“My mom has a 2001 Toyota Forerunner…STILL drives it everyday..she got it when I was 17..I’ll be 40 in October,” claimed a further commenter.

The Daily Dot reached out to Toyota via email and Sarah via TikTok direct message.

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