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A dive into the “I dive in her cervix” meme

Rest in peace to all the soldiers that died in the service/I dive in her cervix, chickens, no Church’s


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The “I dive in her cervix” meme references the song “U Da Realest” by rapper 2 Chainz. The comedic value of the line is enhanced by the fact that it immediately follows a shout-out to the troops, and its sexual nature paired with a provocative image assured that it would catch on as a viral joke.

Rest in peace to all the soldiers that died in the service
I dive in her cervix, chickens, no Church’s

What is the “I dive in her cervix” meme?

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The meme caught on as an “image macro” — an easy caption to any image or video that features someone (or something) diving or performing a similar act. This is especially true if the media contains anything related to the military.

In one popular example, a Twitter user posted a blurry photo of a man who looks to be diving through a window with the lyric “I dive in her cervix” in 2023.

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“I dive in her cervix” origin

“I dive in her cervix” first hit the public consciousness when 2 Chainz released the song “U Da Realest” with an accompanying music video on December 15, 2013. The rap pays respects to a friend of 2 Chainz, Puerto Rican Johnny, who died in a fatal car crash in 2012.

2 Chainz genuinely grieves for Johnny, repeating “rest in peace” several times (in reference to the troops once and Johnny the rest of the time), and expressing that he has more than one tattoo featuring this phrase.

Although some surely found the cervix lyric amusing, it did not officially hit meme status until 2021, when a Reddit user submitted a hit entry in the “Genius Lyric Message” meme.

This unrelated meme took off around 2019 and utilizes Genius Lyrics’ “messages” tool, launched in 2016, to highlight particularly hilarious lines from popular artists.

On May 11, 2021, Redditor ElectronicScreen0 posted one of these images, complete with a photo of 2 Chainz and the line “I dive in her cervix” with the patriotic context.

I dive in her cervix meme spread

From that moment in 2021, social media posts featuring the “I dive in her cervix” line skyrocketed. In addition to images and gifs that included references to military service, the lyric was paired with music videos from other bands, pride flags, sexual moments in popular films and TV shows, and not uncommonly with footage of that guy who likes to plummet into bodies of water with a battle axe.

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By July 2021, 2 Chainz began trending on Twitter due to the meme’s popularity. At the same time, people were starting to look into additional funny examples from the rapper’s lyrics, including “Known to act a donkey on the camel toe / Then take the camel toe and turn it into casserole.”

Meme examples

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