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‘I mean that’s a pretty good deal’: IKEA shopper shows 78 hot dogs on sale for $39. There’s just one problem

'Please be careful.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Apr 17, 2024   Updated on May 2, 2024, 6:20 pm CDT

You know IKEA as a beloved and interactive home furnishing store, rich with furniture, kitchenware, and appliance offerings. Like Costco and Sam’s Club, IKEA has its food court, dubbed the “bistro,” which sells pizza, cinnamon buns, and hotdogs. And an IKEA customer was shocked recently after finding out that the bistro sold 78 hot dogs for $39.

Especially because while that may seem like a deal, it actually isn’t.

While standing in line, TikTok user @shushery zoomed in on one of IKEA’s menu boards. “‘Get your glizzy on. As many hot dogs as you like,’” she read out loud in a video viewed over 586,000 times. Underneath it was a disclaimer, saying that customers could order as many hot dogs as they would like and safely consume them. Then, she moved the camera to unveil the hotdog prices. Customers can buy one hot dog for 50 cents, three for $1.50, 10 hot dogs for $5, and 25 for $12.50.

However, the final price was what shocked her. “And you can get 78 hotdogs for $39,” the content creator stated, zooming in on the price. “That’s not even a dollar a hot dog.” 

According to the menu board, the world record was ordering 78 hot dogs in one order. Afterward, @shushery read out loud the warning in parenthesis, “‘please be careful.’”

@shushery raved about the deal in the caption, “I mean that’s a pretty good deal for all those hot dogs.”

Maybe. But it’s not even a discounted rate as you scale up, either.

The Daily Dot reached out to IKEA. Viewers also praised IKEA’s hot dog prices in the comments section.

“I love how there’s no discount for getting more. it’s just the base price, multiplied,” one viewer wrote.

“honestly this is great for parties. buy a whole bunch of cheap hot dogs boom food,” a second stated.

Furthermore, viewers revealed how much each hot dog cost in the $39 bundle.

“‘Not even a dollar a hotdog’ HUGE SIGN SAYS 50 cents,” one user commented.

“still 50 cents a dog…..I’ll take 100,” a second remarked.

One viewer asked @shushery how the hot dogs tasted, “are they good though?”

@shushery I mean that’s a pretty good deal for all those hot dogs 🌭 #hotdog #IKEA #Swedish #glizzy #fyp ♬ original sound – Slumped

She replied in the comments section, “Oddly enough we couldn’t get any hotdogs because they ran outta buns.”

According to IKEA’s website, customers can throw a picnic once a month where they can order whatever they want, including hot dogs. In addition, they can host a hot dog party but must be members of IKEA’s Family account.

Update May 2, 6:17pm CT: @slumped told the Daily Dot the IKEA she went to is in Wisconsin. What caught her attention was the word “glizzies.”

“My friend and I were walking through the store when I spotted this sign advertising their ‘glizzies’ and as we looked at the quantities they displayed, we were a bit shocked to see that they’d offer so many hotdogs to customers!” she shared via TikTok direct message.

Although she personally found the 78 hotdogs for $39 absurd, she could see people making that purchase.

“I never thought a 2.5 hour (one way) spontaneous drive to IKEA with my friend, leading to me taking this quick simple video exposing their hot doggery, would ever spark so much attention!” @slumped said. “I almost kept walking after we noticed that sign, but decided to go back and record how silly it was. Plus the fact that IKEA actually used the term ‘glizzy’ struck me out. Even the big companies know how to get in touch with the younger generations haha!”

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*First Published: Apr 17, 2024, 6:56 am CDT