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Straight out of the ‘Terrifier’ movie series, ‘Art the Clown’ memes are not for the faint of heart

This clown will make you laugh in unepected ways.


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Horror fans have gifted us some of the internet’s best memes. Sure, not everyone can stomach hours of gore, jump-scares, or screaming victims (on-screen and among theater audiences). That said, everyone can appreciate a good meme. Art the Clown, the main villain in the Terrifier series, is one of the faces that’s broken out of the horror community to provide laughs to everyone online.

Who is Art the Clown?

Art the Clown is the villain at the heart of the Terrifier franchise. The character made his debut in the 2008 film The 9th Circle. The character was originally played by Mike Giannelli but was later replaced with David Howard Thornton.

In total, the clown villain has appeared in four films, with a fifth in the works. Not only is the clown evil, but he also has supernatural capabilities to keep those who cross him on their toes.

It was Terrifier 2 that took the villain to cult favorite levels. After the film’s success, Art the Clown started being mentioned among horror’s greatest villains.

The character has also infiltrated pop culture, appearing in an episode of the 2023 comedy series Bupkis, starring Pete Davidson.

Art the Clown Meme Origin

Art the Clown’s meme potential came to shine in Terrifier 2, as fans got familiar with the clown’s awkwardness. His movements and general demeanor couldn’t help but make fans chuckle. And of course, there’s the smile painted across his face, which never seems to be doing what you’d expect.

As horror fans started giving the clown the meme treatment, the meme started gaining popularity even outside that community. Everyone can appreciate a clown in an unexpected setting or reacting in a way you’d never imagine, and that’s allowed it to be a relatable meme for many.

The Art the Clown memes have enjoyed success online throughout the years, but they seem to be popping up more and more as horror fans prepare for Terrifier 3‘s release in October 2024.

Art the Clown Meme examples

This freaky clown transcends social platforms, so here’s a taste of what they look like online:

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