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A low and inside look at the ‘Angel Hernandez Missed Calls’ meme

The controversial umpire is retiring after three decades in Major League Baseball.


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This weekend, Major League Baseball umpire Angel Hernandez announced his retirement after three decades. To mark (celebrate?) the occasion, we’ve decided to explore a meme built around the man’s vast body of work. 

Folks, we present the Angel Hernandez Missed Calls Meme. 

What is the Angel Hernandez Missed Calls meme?

There are many things that bond every single Major League Baseball fan. No matter the rivalries, be they Red Sox/Yankees, Dodgers/Giants, or White Sox/Themselves, every lover of America’s pastime can agree that Angel Hernandez is…let’s say, ungood at umpiring. 

Witness a sampling of his finest work:  

I mean, the body of evidence is staggering. STAGGERING!

Missed strikes, missed balls, there’s nothing Angel won’t miss. And he misses hard and fast, with his entire being. Hernandez will get a call blatantly wrong and double down on it forevermore.

Also, because umpires are the Supreme Court justices of baseball, there are never any consequences! Oh yeah! America, baby! You almost have to admire it. Fail with your full voice, kids! 

@umpireauditor ** NEW UMPIRE AUDITOR RECORD ** (4/12/24) Umpire Angel Hernandez rang up Wyatt Langford on three pitches out of the zone. The strikeout pitch missed outside by 6.78 inches. This was the largest miss on a called strikeout in Umpire Auditor history. #mlb #baseball #astros #rangers #umpire ♬ original sound – Umpire Auditor

Appropriately, his tribute meme is a phone screencap doctored to feature several “missed calls” from Angel himself. 

@thegmaniac69 This is absolutely SPOT ON! #angelhernandez #mlb #umpire #phone #iphone ♬ Ho no no no 1 – la roca

Obviously, those familiar with the man’s work get an instant chuckle over this thing. 


♬ Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim – Ghost Experiences

Angel Hernandez Missed Calls meme origin 

While it’s a bit unclear who originated the Angel Hernandez Missed Calls meme, its next instance of wide public spread appears to be through a Facebook post by Baseballer on October 10, 2018: 

It popped up again a few years later in an Instagram post by @KFCBarstool on April 25, 2022: 

Over the ensuing two years, the meme was shared typically whenever Angel would have one of his “incidents.” However, in honor of Angel’s retirement, some users are suggesting this meme can now retire as well:

Other Angel Hernandez memes

As you might imagine for a figure who inspires such passion, Angel has inspired a wide variety of memes from baseball fans who have no other outlet for their complaints.

@ithinkyoushouldba You sure about that? #mlb #baseball #ithinkyoushouldleave #meme ♬ original sound – Ithinkyoushouldbaseball
@flippinbatspod Baseball fans, if you know, you know…❌😅 #umpire #theoffice #meme #capcut #angelhernandez #mlb #funny #michaelscott #bad #Meme #MemeCut ♬ original sound – Flippin Bats Podcast
@mattrenojr Death, taxes, and Angel Hernandez missing calls.  #AngelHernandez #baseball #sports #sandrabullock #MLB #memecut ♬ Blinding Lights – Country Version – Tebey

Good stuff, all around. Enjoy your retirement, Angel. I suspect baseball fans will!

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