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‘Who is America?’ targets the left, sets up 2 former presidential candidates

Sacha Baron Cohen takes on a new challenge.


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Sacha Baron Cohen took a break from making former Trump confidants defend fascists and asking “America’s toughest sheriff” if he’d go down on the president to take aim at two liberals on Sunday’s Who is America?

The satirist and prankster once again portrayed conspiracy spreader Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick, discussing Hillary Clinton’s gender with Howard Dean and interviewing 2016 Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein about “climax change” and weather temps.

Ruddick attempted to prove that Clinton is really a man by showing Dean a photo of the former first lady’s concealed penis inside a tight pantsuit. “How do you explain that?” Ruddick asked, pointing to a bulge.

“Maybe the trouser presser did a lousy job, how knows?” Dean offered, refusing to validate the idea.

The “Truthbrary” host followed up by showing a photo of Clinton using a urinal and asking the former governor if he’s ever seen her lady parts.

Stein was the second guest on Ruddick’s fictional, Alex Jones-inspired show. Ruddick peppered her with conspiracy theories about the weather being weaponized by the government, pointing out how the temperatures are cyclical and weather goes up and down during the year.

“Temperature goes up and down. Look at January. It’s lower, then it goes up a little bit in April,” Ruddick explained, pointing to a temperature line graph. “In July it’s really hot, you know, the liberals will be freaking out, saying we gotta buy a Tesla from Lena Dunham. No, hey, relax. In November and December, it’s down again. It’s clearly a pattern.”

Neither Stein or Dean left Cohen with much in the way of “gotcha!” moments. That came later: The episode included an ex-con and cook feeding a food critic condom-wrapped meats made from Chinese dissidents, and the foodie curator raving about the dish.

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