People offer up their ribs to Ruth Bader Ginsburg following reports of her injury


This morning, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized after fracturing three ribs in a fall in her office at the Supreme Court, and people are freaking out.

Everyone is so worried about the 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice being injured that some are even offering to give her their own ribs.

Others are offering other organs, should RBG need them. “I’d like to offer up any of my unbroken ribs to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I also have an extra kidney, some of my liver and a ton of bone marrow,” another person said.

“I will donate all my ribs to RBG, any internal organs she needs too,” a person wrote.

Some aren’t messing around at all. “I have three ribs she can have. I don’t need them,” someone wrote. “*grabs knife* Let me just …”

One person said she would give her ribs to RBG, but only for the next year or so. “I will literally give 3 ribs to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg if she needs them, along with whichever other body parts she requires until 2020,” they said.

Hopefully, no one will have to give up their own organs and The Notorious RBG gets better soon.


Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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