The intersection of the internet and the state.

Trump seems a little upset the FBI thought about removing him from office
Former FBI acting director Andrew McCabe confirms they thought about invoking the 25th Amendment.
Skin-crawling deepfake turns Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill into Mr. Bean
The viral video's creator tells us it's just for fun.
Video shows Florida woman on racist tirade against Black officer
She repeatedly threatened him and called him the N-word.
Megyn Kelly, Sarah Silverman get into tiff after Trump tweet
You can have political opinions and star in children's movies, too.
Defending Trump’s Venezuela envoy is the surest way to get ratioed on Twitter
Rep. Omar wanted assurances from Elliot Abrams that he'd prioritize upholding human rights in Venezuela amid the country’s ongoing crisis.
Wife of Trump’s communications head goes on pro-measles Twitter rant
She called a report on a measles outbreak 'hysteria.'
Conservatives try to rebrand Green New Deal as the next Fyre Fest
It features inaccurate, misleading information about the resolution.
Rapper killed by police while sleeping in car outside a Taco Bell
Willie Bo had a large Instagram following.
Did Kamala Harris time travel when she got stoned in college?
The 2020 hopeful says she smoked weed and bumped Pac and Snoop in college—but they weren't out.
Ocasio-Cortez says Howard Schultz has no real plan to fix anything
Schultz called the idea 'punitive' during a CNN town hall on Tuesday.
Developers’ sh*tposting group splinters as members begin reporting each other to employers
The group's activities were exposed following the cancellation of DerbyCon.
El Paso Fire Department pushes back at Trump’s rally size claims
Trump had some varying estimates of how big his crowd was.