The intersection of the internet and the state.

Republicans are still angry over a Barron Trump impeachment joke
It wasn't offensive. Yet it sparked an outrage cycle from prominent conservatives on social media.
Pelosi calls for House to proceed with impeachment against Trump
Pelosi's request comes after several hearings and a detailed report being released.
Republicans, Dems split over right to sue Facebook
Democrats and Republicans talked about a possible online privacy bill on Wednesday.
The internet stans Princess Anne after she refuses to shake Trump’s hand
The Queen gave her that mom look but Anne just shrugged and laughed.
Top Republican says impeachment is about ‘tears in Brooklyn’
It's certainly a claim someone could make.
Owen Benjamin, alt-right comedian, banned from YouTube
Owen Benjamin's channel was taken down.
Police officer reportedly caught on body cam touching dead woman’s breasts
The officer in question is reportedly on leave.
Video shows world leaders seemingly making jokes about Trump
They don't mention Trump by name, but it appears they were talking about him.
Fans think Offset pretended to be hacked after alleged cheating
Offset allegedly sent Tekashi69's girlfriend a DM.
Florida politician allegedly offered teen $50,000 to delete racist video
'How can you say something like that? Aren’t you human?'
FBI says gamer in cocaine ring used PlayStation Network for drug deals
The FBI requested Sony hand over data on the gamer.
Devin Nunes faces criticism after House Dems release impeachment report
Some people are calling for him to resign or recuse himself.
TikTok lawsuit claims app sends ‘vast quantities’ of data to China
The suit claims such data can be used to 'identify, profile and track' users in America.
Kamala Harris drops out of presidential race—killing a top 2020 meme
The Kopmala meme is gone but not forgotten.
Twitter launches new ‘privacy center’ for users
The company said they want to be more transparent.
FBI says FaceApp could be ‘potential counterintelligence threat’
Chuck Schumer had called for an investigation into the app earlier this year.