The intersection of the internet and the state.

Animal-rights groups: spammers or lifesavers?
Animal rights groups get the temporarily boot from Facebook for "spamming." But they say they're on a mission of mercy.
Trump raps on rap
Donald Trump responds to viral video hit "Donald Trump."
Syrian president is the talk of Twitter
President Obama called for Syrian Presidant Bashar Al-Assad to step down and Twitter responded.
BART cops hacked
Hackers strike again in the ongoing battle between hackers and BART.
Banned subreddit sparks debate on censorship
Some redditors are up in arms over the banning of a controversial subreddit. The hidden truth may be a little more prosaic. 
The right not to remain silent
Our rights to speak and assemble in the mobile world are under assault by bureaucrats and businessmen.
Band gets instruments back, thanks Internet
Social media, the Chicago Police Department, and good luck conspire to return the instruments of one Lollapalooza band.
Check out Obama’s check-ins
The White House now has an official presence on the location-based social network.
Hacker war takes to the streets and subways in SF
The notorious hacker group Anonymous called for a protest in San Francisco. Not many showed up, but they successfully shut down trains during commute hours.
An underground Internet war in San Francisco
A San Francisco-based transit agency shut down cellphone service during a protest. Hackers took revenge.
British cops tweet riot crimes
British rioters aren't the only ones using Twitter. So are the cops.
Smile: You’re in an ad (like it or not)
LinkedIn didn't tell you you might be featured in an ad. Users have figured it out and they're not happy.
British PM’s censorship censured
A proposal by David Cameron to block social-network communication during times of unrest draws instant criticism online.
Facebook privacy rumors spread
A rumor about changes to Facebook privacy settings is racing around the social network.
Anonymous denies plans for attack of Facebook
Media are reporting a potential widescale attack on Facebook by hacker group Anonymous. But Anonymous' Twitter account tells a different story.
MSNBC anchor is mad, and Reddit’s going to take it
Dylan Ratigan is the latest TV personality to find a cult following online.
A guide to the riots in London—and online
As the riots in the UK spread to other cities beyond London, the Daily Dot takes a look at how they spread—and how online communities reacted.
Call the cops: grandson’s been hacked
Grandma gets mad at the folks who stole her son's page and rages on YouTube. But is it really grandma?