Twitter makes fun of Brett Kavanaugh yelling during his testimony

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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh did a lot of yelling during his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. He opened with disparaging remarks about the Democrats on the committee, and throughout the hearing he raised his voice to speak passionately about beer.

On Twitter, people jokingly offered up their own interpretations of what Kavanaugh could be yelling about.

Kavanaugh’s actual testimony on Thursday came hours after that of Christine Blasey Ford, who delivered an emotional account of the night she says Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school.

In his opening statement and answers to senators’ questions, Kavanaugh vehemently denied Ford’s accusations against him. He also said multiple times that he never drank to the point that he passed out or couldn’t later remember his behavior.

“They’re not accurate as to me,” Kavanaugh said of Ford’s allegations. “I’ve never done this. Never.”

Shortly after the hearing concluded, President Donald Trump praised his nominee for being “powerful, honest, and riveting.”

But many argued that Kavanaugh showed his temperament makes him unfit for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

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