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Trump Jr. calls Kimmel out over Harvey Weinstein—but it backfired

The president's son tried calling the late-night host out for not condemning Harvey Weinstein.


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Posted on Oct 10, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 2:50 pm CDT

Donald Trump aired some of his frustration with late-night’s coverage of him over the weekend, which resulted not only in some zingers from hosts but a Twitter fight between one host and Donald Trump Jr.. One that had a clear winner.

Jimmy Kimmel recounted this interaction during his monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. What started as a call for Trump to quit by Kimmel quickly pivoted to Harvey Weinstein, the recently fired Hollywood producer whose decades of sexually harassing women were reported in a bombshell New York Times story. Trump Jr. wanted to know why Kimmel hadn’t condemned Weinstein.

Kimmel explained that Trump Jr., who he referred to as “DJTJ” throughout the segment, was using Weinstein to suggest that Kimmel and other liberals and Hollywood elites wouldn’t condemn a Democrat. Kimmel had no problem condemning Weinstein’s actions, to which Trump Jr. responded that he would be paying attention to Kimmel’s monologues this week and suggested that Kimmel was “probably due for a change if only for a moment or two.”

The conversation could’ve been left that that, but Kimmel had a trump card up his sleeve. Kimmel sent Trump Jr. his father’s Access Hollywood tape, where Trump openly admitted to sexually assaulting women and being able to get away with it because he was a celebrity.

Trump Jr. didn’t reply to the video, but as promised, Kimmel did deliver a Weinstein joke just for him.


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*First Published: Oct 10, 2017, 8:12 am CDT