The intersection of the internet and the state.

Is the Buttigieg campaign behind this pro-Pete Nigerian Twitter account?
Lis Smith has been accused of posing as a Nigerian man on Twitter to hype up Buttigieg.
This MAGA-loving Keanu Reeves imposter isn’t fooling anyone
A photo of a Keanu lookalike next to a Confederate flag-touting Trump supporter is turning heads.
Bill Maher booed on own show over defense of Bloomberg
Maher was defending Bloomberg’s comments on his stop-and-frisk policy.
Viral video purports to show doctors with guns amid coronavirus outbreak
Those sharing the video claim Chinese doctors are shooting coronavirus-infected people.
Russian YouTubers pretend to be Greta Thunberg, share alleged prank call with Bernie Sanders
‘Thunberg’ says she wants Billie Eilish and Kanye West to collab for a pro-Sanders song, an idea he calls ‘terrific.’
Rashida Tlaib detained during protests over airline work conditions
The congresswoman was briefly detained during the protests.
Parkland father uses anniversary of shooting to call for action on gun violence
Guttenberg wants people to vote in his daughter's honor.
YouTube permanently suspends white nationalist Nick Fuentes
The account was removed for repeated violations of YouTube's hate speech policy.
Video: Football player body-slams officer during arrest
He faces a felony assault charge.
Bernie Sanders’ Valentine’s Day memes are all the rage
He is once again asking for your heart.
A subreddit war is raging over the coronavirus
There's a fight brewing online to be the authority on the coronavirus.
People are shook to discover Columbine stans are a thing
'I just discovered the Columbine fandom and I… deadass don't know how to do respond.'
Jury foreperson in Roger Stone case accused of bias after tweets surface
President Donald Trump has since criticized the head juror on Twitter.
Bloomberg’s influencer meme campaign comes from the minds of Fyre Fest
The billionaire's campaign turns to memes.
Gillibrand calls for new federal agency to protect data privacy rights
Gillibrand's proposal to create a new agency is similar to other lawmakers.
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