The intersection of the internet and the state.

North Carolina man allegedly stole $88K then posted it on Instagram
He held large stacks of cash in his photos.
The 10 most influential hashtags of the decade
In 2010, no one knew what hashtags were. By the end of the decade, they were changing the world.
Airbnb bans white supremacists tied to Iron March forum
The rental service removed over 60 individuals after their details were found in the forum's leaked database.
State of emergency declared in New Orleans following ‘cyberattack’
City employees were 'immediately alerted to power down computers, unplug devices, and disconnect from WiFi.'
Video shows boy getting beat up–mom says it’s because he wore MAGA hat
The school district and sheriff's office said the incident was not politically motivated.
Anti-impeachment protesters aimlessly fumble through halls of Congress
Anti-impeachment protesters failed to get into Nadler's locked office and tried to trigger Pelosi by yelling 'Merry Christmas.'
Voters duped by fake ex-Bloomberg intern’s tweet about being fired
'The world's 14th richest man might get forced out of the 2020 race by an L.A. improv troupe.'
Why Britons are tweeting ‘Little England’ in wake of the U.K. election
The term Little Englander refers to a small minded, bigoted English person.
Net neutrality advocates ask for rehearing on federal court decision
The court released its decision in October.
Americans are sharing their #PrivateHealthLIFEhacks to help Brits
'These are people’s personal experiences to have to adapt private healthcare.'
Warren, Sanders, Yang pledge to skip next week’s debate over union dispute
They refuse to cross the union picket line.
Alt-right comedian Owen Benjamin banned from Instagram over anti-Semitic memes
The right-wing comedian denies Anne Frank existed.
Laura Loomer vehemently denies being author of new Laura Loomer-themed action novel
Laura Loomer fights Peruvian Maoist female assassins and social media companies in book definitely not written by Laura Loomer.
Venmo users are getting harassed with fraudulent payment requests
The spam seems to come after a user's transaction is on the public feed.
Twitter pledges to verify politicians in national primaries
The move is a bit different than Twitter's old policy.
Teens keep trolling Florida’s new school safety app
You can't stop teens from trolling, even if it is for their own good.
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