The intersection of the internet and the state.

Report: Google tracks location data even when you’ve told it not to
Google is tracking you more than you may think.
What about antifa? Conservatives are mad at the media for ignoring ‘attack’
The usual suspects have found another liberal media conspiracy based on reporting from the liberal media.
Tex-Mex restaurant goes dark on social media after Jeff Sessions photo upsets customers
Customers called for a boycott after the owner said serving the attorney general was an 'honor.;
Far-right enthusiastically cheers the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok
He's been a thorn in conservatives' side for years.
Trump was afraid his son would be a loser—and Twitter agrees
Everyone is lovingly roasting this report.
11-year-old hacks replica Florida election results—in less than 10 minutes
For young hackers, overcoming government website security was a piece of cake.
DNC co-chair Keith Ellison denies ex-girlfriend’s account of domestic violence
Her son wrote about the alleged abuse on Facebook.
Omarosa recording shows Trump had no idea she’d been fired
Manigault-Newman's press tour is turning into 'Watch What Happens Live, Washington' edition.
Heather Heyer’s mother makes heartbreaking speech on anniversary of daughter’s death
'I hope no other mother has to go what I went through.'
Vimeo becomes latest platform to drop Alex Jones and InfoWars
Vimeo is gathering a growing number of sites.
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