The intersection of the internet and the state.

Speech pathologist sues Texas school district for right to boycott Israel
She was fired after refusing to sign a mandatory pledge.
FCC finally releases emails on Ajit Pai’s ‘Harlem Shake’ video
Agency initially argued that releasing email with only the word "Ok" could be harmful
Jordan Peterson claims he’s building an alternative to Patreon
They appear to be protesting Patreon's purge of right-wing figures.
Trump calls for ‘boarder security’ instead of ‘border security’
This isn't the first time he's made this typo.
Russia used every social media platform to disrupt 2016 election, Senate says
The Senate report is expected to be released later this week.
Alex Jones is still doing live broadcasts on Instagram
Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, remains one of the few to still allow Jones to share his views
All the things Trump boasted about in 2018 that didn’t actually happen
Trump tried to make a lot of 'fetch' happen.
Stephen Miller’s fake hair is almost as bad as his policies
Neither the horrific racism nor the hair is a good look.
California no longer plans to tax your text messages
The proposal would add a surcharge to texting and would direct the extra money to 911 services or subsidizing phone services for low-income users.
Scott Walker doesn’t know how to use a Venn diagram
'Pro-education governor,' indeed.
Secretary Ryan Zinke is out at the Department of the Interior
Zinke has faced multiple scandals during his tenure.
Net neutrality died last year. But the fight’s just begun
A lot has happened in the past year.
Failed Green party candidate was secretly behind this popular QAnon account
Hold on to your hats, this one gets complicated.
Little Miss Flint takes on Tomi Lahren’s border wall tweet
There are other paths to 'protecting the American people.'
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