The intersection of the internet and the state.

Polls shows half of Republican voters think Trump is a genius
Amid controversy, the president's base remains loyal.
Robert Mueller plans to interview Trump in ‘coming weeks,’ report
The lawmakers wrote a letter to the Facebook and Twitter.
Hawaii’s governor forgot his Twitter password—and he’s getting roasted for it
His account stayed silent for 17 crucial minutes.
Chelsea Manning’s appearance at a far-right party caused an internet meltdown
She thinks the best way to fight your enemies is to meet them.
Trump reportedly mocks Indian prime minister’s accent
He's had trouble with mimicking accents in the past.
Man arrested after threatening to shoot CNN employees over ‘fake news’
He said he was going to 'f*****g gun every single last one of you.'
Trump’s voting commission requested data on Texans with Hispanic last names
Officials checked a box requesting 'Hispanic surname flag notation.'
Montana enacts net neutrality, provides template for other states to follow
Internet providers in the state won't be allowed to block or throttle websites.
Campaign finance watchdog calls for investigation into Trump-Stormy Daniels payment
Meanwhile, Pence called Daniels’ allegations ‘baseless.’
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