The intersection of the internet and the state.

Chinese social media star spends 5 days in jail for botching national anthem
China is serious when it comes to regulating online content.
Kanye West’s ‘iPlane 1’ idea is 6 years old—and it’s not even his
But the designer seems stoked that West likes his idea.
Julian Assange’s cat gets caught up in Ecuador’s new rules for internet use
The protocol is part of a move to restore the WikiLeaks founder's communications.
Tech companies disclose ad spending, but it’s still a nightmare to track
Tech companies are disclosing information, but it's still a nightmare to get through.
Minnesota Senate candidate compared Michelle Obama to ‘chimp’ on Facebook
The posts were in reference to the movie 'Bedtime for Bonzo.'
U.S. embassy accidentally emails pic of adorable cat in pajamas
'Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this 'cat pajama-jam' party...'
Hillary Clinton says Monica Lewinsky’s adult age eradicated Bill Clinton’s abuses of power
Hillary supporters are disappointed in her defense of her husband.
A fanfic painting of Trump with other presidents is hanging in the White House
Several people 'fixed' the painting by adding other people into it.
Proud Boys involved in Portland clash
It's the second violent incident they're been involved in this weekend
Georgia senator snatches phone from student during campaign event
Perdue was endorsing Brian Kemp for governor.
Liuba Grechen Shirley has been looking to flip New York’s 2nd district for a long time
She's going after one of the more entrenched members of Congress.
Proud Boys turn violent after Gavin McInnes event
Three men were arrested following the fight.
Interview reveals there was meaning to Melania’s jacket
She said she wore the jacket to troll the media.
Lawsuit unearths hundreds of Kavanaugh emails on government surveillance
The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed suit for the documents in September.
Behold the ‘Rainbow wave’: 390 LGBTQ candidates will run in the general election
More than 600 queer people ran this year total, a record-breaking number.
Trump Jr. ignores the haters, dines at Salt Bae’s restaurant
Trump Jr. has a history of enjoying Salt Bae.
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