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The long crusade: How the Mormon Church continues to war against gay marriage
Newly leaked documents reveal that church leaders were heavily involved in campaigning against same-sex marriage—and still are today.
Ryan healthcare bill on life support after House Freedom Caucus pulls out
Some of the staunchest Republicans are no longer in favor of it.
Rep. Nunes says Trump team caught up in legal intel collection post-election
Rep. Nunes could not confirm if President Trump was surveilled or whether collection took place at Trump Tower.
Officer stabbed at Westminster palace in apparent terror attack, suspect shot by police
The attacker reportedly hit several people with a car before crashing into the gates of Westminster palace.
Neil Gorsuch explains away maternity leave accusations during nomination hearing
He says the student didn’t remember his question properly.
Senate mulls subpoenaing Paul Manafort as new allegations of ties to Russia break
Paul Manafort reportedly received $10 million a year to advance Russian interests.
Tillerson didn’t want State job: ‘I was supposed to retire’
'God’s not through with you,' his wife reacted.
U.S. ban on in-flight electronics makes no sense
Experts and customers are baffled by the ban, which mysteriously blocks some electronic devices on some U.S.-bound flights.
Immigrants commit fewer crimes than Trump wants you to believe
Yes, even undocumented immigrants.
Putin critic Alexei Navalny had green paint thrown in his face, and it’s really working for him
Alexei Navalny isn't the first Putin critic to be doused in green paint, but he might be the first to turn it to his advantage.
Reddit’s most controversial question was just asked at Neil Gorsuch’s Senate hearing
Neil Gorsuch got an AMA question in his hearing today.
NASA blocks FOIA request for potential White House ‘media blackout’ orders
NASA appears to have invented a new rule that seemingly affects only users of a popular online FOIA service.