The intersection of the internet and the state.

Oklahoma City Police fatally shoot deaf man as witnesses yell ‘he can’t hear’
This is the fifth officer-involved shooting in the city this year.
Leonardo DiCaprio slams Trump for failing on climate change
The actor also pledged $20 million to climate change activist organisations.
The SEC just revealed it was hacked—a year ago
The Government Accountability Office had warned of SEC's vulnerabilities.
Paul Manafort reportedly offered ‘private’ Trump briefings to close Putin ally
Manafort's spokesperson denies the meetings took place in the end.
Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney fired by Trump, launches new podcast
Bharara goes into detail about how he was fired by Donald Trump.
Suspected Russian Facebook page organized dozens of pro-Trump rallies last year
Did pro-Trump page Being Patriotic come from Russia, with love?
Mueller requests White House documents on key Trump–Russia moments
The Russia investigation just took a major leap forward—straight into the Oval Office. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is heading the Justice Department’s investigation into Russia meddling in the election and whether members of President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with the country to help influence the election, is reportedly seeking important documents related to several […]
Republicans distrust science news more than Democrats, study finds
Everyone thinks science journalism could use some work.
This bad take says liberals refusing to date conservatives is why Trump won
That feeling when your hot take is really bad.
Social media captures Hurricane Maria’s devastating damage to Puerto Rico
The devastation happened in real time on Snapchat and Twitter.
Trump praises non-existent African country in speech to African leaders
What a difference one letter can make.
The Drudge Report has linked to Russian propaganda sites nearly 400 times in the past 5 years
A new report analyzed links on the new aggregation site.
‘What Happened’ on pace to outsell ‘The Art of the Deal’
It's Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump all over again.
8-year-old players take a knee for the national anthem
It happened after a thoughtful discussion of the protests in St. Louis.
Trump judicial nominee thinks trans children are part of ‘Satan’s plan’
Jeff Mateer is also a fan of 'conversion therapy.'