The intersection of the internet and the state.

Kanye West tweeted support for Candace Owens—and a lot of people are not happy
Owens has called Trump the 'savior' of the free world.
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ Ep. 44: A very handsome hired goon
The sketch dissected 'round the internet.
Trump drags the New York Times, defends Michael Cohen in series of tweets
Trump hates the suggestion that Cohen might turn on him.
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says he will testify before Congress
Facebook's data scandal isn't going away.
Jim Carrey paints Rudy ‘Ghouliani’ in newest political portrait
'Ghouliani: Finally, a face we can trust.'
Trump-loving YouTubers Diamond and Silk to testify in front of Congress
They probably won't have kind things to say.
North Korea says it will stop nuclear, missile tests
Trump called it 'big progress!'
Arizona educators vote for statewide walkout under #RedForEd
It's the third statewide teachers' strike this year.
Jim Carrey’s latest portrait inspiration is Michael Cohen
This one landed with its own controversy.
Russia brings down its internet trying to hunt down Telegram app
More than 19 million IPs were blocked.
This millennial YouTube news channel is actually Russian propaganda
If you didn't know, it'd be difficult to tell.
National School Walkout Day takes an even darker tone in the wake of another shooting
Protesters were already gathering nationwide when the school shooting occurred.
Report: Trump used a fake name to get on the Forbes 400 list
Trump has reportedly used the false identity in the past.
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