The intersection of the internet and the state.

Scathing privacy report calls Facebook a ‘digital gangster’
The report was released this weekend.
Julian Assange reportedly nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
WikiLeaks was nominated in 2011.
Trump calls 25th Amendment talk a ‘coup’ attempt
It's a constitutionally approved process.
The Hatebook: Inside Facebook’s thriving subculture of racism
It's hard to police, but it's not clear if Facebook wants to.
Why the Twitter left loves to dunk on Max Boot
Max Boot is deserving of every dunk.
Trump meme removed after copyright complaint
Everybody hurts sometimes—even the president.
Twitter hid post from an account linked to Iran’s Supreme Leader
The tweet supported a 30-year-old fatwa.
Ann Coulter’s Twitter bio links to a vulgar parody account
The account insults celebrities and references exorcisms.
FCC looks to tackle robocalls and spoofed texts
Foreign spoofers targeting the U.S. could soon face fines or other penalties.
Trump does Chinese accent, declares national emergency, bewilders the internet
Trump touched on a wide range of seemingly unrelated topics before the announcement.
Trans YouTube streamer shot in leg by security guard (updated)
She uploaded the incident to her channel in two separate videos.
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