The intersection of the internet and the state. is just photos of immigrants in cages
It's only three letters away from the domain for the luxury hotel group. 
Amazon workers don’t want their tech used by ICE
Tech workers are fighting the use of their creations by ICE.
John McAfee returns to Twitter and claims his ‘enemies’ tried to poison him
John McAfee has given us the perfect excuse for missing anything.
Why we’re suing the NYPD for Donald Trump’s concealed carry application
The application could provide crucial insight into the president’s personal views on gun laws and gun safety.
Congresswoman’s plan to reunite families separated at the border: 23andMe
Representative Speier hopes the DNA testing company will do what the government won’t.
Trump says Republicans should ‘stop wasting their time’ on immigration
It's an abrupt pivot after this week saying that 'now' was the 'best opportunity' to pass immigration laws.
Kirsten Gillibrand may not run in 2020, but either way she’ll stand up to Trump
If she entered the race, she'd easily be a frontrunner.
The Trump administration’s war on people with disabilities
Corey Lewandowski's 'womp, womp' comment is on par with Trump's behavior and policies.
Sinclair stations air unabashedly pro-Trump spot on family separation
The broadcasting conglomerate has been criticized for being pro-Trump.
Trump’s proposed ‘space force’ has inspired a galaxy of memes
The only good to come from Space Force so far.
John Oliver censored in China after comparing president to Winnie the Pooh
Users on Weibo cannot search for or watch the 'Last Week Tonight' segment.
Drones with flamethrowers are a terrible, terrible idea
Combining two nascent technologies with destructive potential, what could go wrong?
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