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2 ‘Karens’ collide in viral TikTok

'2 chihuahuas yipping at each other.'

Dec 2, 2020, 8:33 am

Internet Culture


Bryan Rolli

What happens when two “Karens” collide? Do they tear a hole in the fabric of the universe? Do they lay waste to an entire Kohl’s parking lot? One TikToker attempted to find out, documenting her encounter with a fellow Karen in a viral video.

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The ensuing TikTok, uploaded two days ago by @kuntacourtnay, has since earned more than 337,000 views. The video appears to have taken place in Temecula, California. It shows @kuntacourtnay, a Black woman, driving through a parking lot and arguing with a white woman standing outside her car, child in tow. 

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After roughly nine months of viral Karen outbursts, viewers have been conditioned to know how these videos should go. And at first, it seems like @kuntacourtnay’s video will follow the standard script. 

“And you park like an idiot,” @kuntacourtnay says as she drives away from the white woman—the one who would typically be identified as the Karen—suggesting a prior argument. 

“You’ve been reported,” the white woman snaps.

“Oh, I’m already reporting you too, baby,” @kuntacourtnay responds. 


She wasn’t expecting that. I for pepper spray ready for karens. Back up away from my car before she got racist #karens #blm #masks #pepperspray

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From behind the car, the white woman can be heard saying, “This girl is harassing me.” Then she walks to around to the passenger door, and—surprise!—she’s also filming the interaction with her phone, which is decorated with a sticker of President Donald Trump holding up two middle fingers. 

“She’s put my life at risk and my child’s life at risk,” the white woman continues. You’ve been posted all over [Facebook group] Temecula Talk.”

Then the white woman kicks the belligerence into overdrive, saying repeatedly and with increasing volume, “I wonder if I was a Black woman..."

This is where the video deviates from the standard Karen fare. As the white woman approaches @kuntacourtnay’s car, she yells, “Get the fuck out of my way! Get away from my car! Six feet!”

“You better back up!” the white woman yells, whipping out her pepper spray. 

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“Oh, I’ve got some too!” @kuntacourtnay shouts, reaching Peak Karen to match her opponent. 

Both Karens continue hollering over each other, with the white woman clamoring for someone to call 911 and @kuntacourtnay repeatedly shouting, “Get away from my car,” “Six feet,” and “Help!” 


This cacophony of Karens left some viewers feeling doubly annoyed, while others wished for a feature-length Karen Vs. Karen film. (Could it be 2020’s answer to Freddy Vs. Jason?) One user described the scene as “2 chihuahuas yipping at each other,” while another asked, “Am I the only one who was hoping for a mutual pepper spraying?” (He was not.)

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Responding to one commenter who blamed her for stoking the argument rather than driving away, @kuntacourtnay wrote, "You could have just kept scrolling instead but yet here you are. See how that works?” 

Unfortunately, the Karen collision did not tear a hole fabric of the universe that allows us to time-travel, so we're going to be stuck with these viral freakouts for a while.

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*First Published: Dec 2, 2020, 8:33 am