3 stills of a tiktok featuring a black woman experiencing street harassment


‘This is why I hate men’: Man tells TikToker her ‘a** stinks’ after she rejects him in viral TikTok

'So you gon' ignore me like that?'


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Posted on Oct 20, 2021   Updated on Oct 21, 2021, 9:20 am CDT

TikToker Justine Thang was in the middle of filming a video when, like something out of a TLC song, a man decided to holler at her from the passenger side of a car. When she rejected him, however, his attitude did a complete 180.

The entire saga was caught on camera.

The video opens with Thang, @znc_justine on the platform, posing in a parking lot at night when the car pulls up and stops nearby her. “Hey,” a man shouts from the vehicle.

“So you gon’ ignore me like that?” the man questions.

Thang tells the man she’s “busy.”

The video then cuts to Thang in another part of the parking lot. Thang’s female companion says “You don’t want us.”

The same man, this time off-camera, says: “What, your ass stank either way.”

The two girls just laugh the remark off and sarcastically agree with the man.

“This is why I hate men,” text overlay on the clip reads.

In a caption on the video, Thang calls the men “little boys” and notes the man got “mad because we didn’t want to give him any attention.”

The video has been viewed over 231,000 times, liked over 44,000 times, and commented on nearly 2,000 times since it was posted earlier in the week.


Many of the commenters remarked on how the man’s actions after being rejected is an all too common experience women have to deal with. “He so hurt lol this is so common it’s not even shocking no more,” one said.

they be bothering you and have the audacity to get mad when you don't have the time of day to give them
"So you're gonna ignore me like that?" yea that's it exactly
And he has the nerve to be on the passenger side tryna holler
every single time!!!
child of the cosmos/tiktok
why are they never embarrassed when they act like that
child of the cosmos/tiktok
So funny that random men think they can hurt women's feelings lmao. Like who is you?
child of the cosmos/tiktok
I'm glad she's OK because I was scared he'd pull a gun or throw a bottle. Because that's that's how they are. Bare minimum for these a-holes
y'all be careful these men cannot take rejection
"Not all the same' That just words. Until they see it they won't believe it. All they see is terrible men in public who don't respect women/boundaries
No cause this really how men be all the time
Oh really because men be killing women all the time for shit like this. NEXT
I swear this app keeps proving women's point  at how men cannot take rejection without  being salty.  It is the funniest thing ever.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Justine Thang.

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*First Published: Oct 20, 2021, 2:22 pm CDT