Michelle Obama stumping for Hillary Clinton in 2016

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Michelle Obama has a message for women who voted against Hillary Clinton

It’s short and sweet.


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Speaking at the 2017 Inbound marketing conference in Boston on Wednesday, Michelle Obama shared her thoughts on the presidential election nearly one year after continuously stumping for Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Specifically, Obama had a few choice words for female voters who chose to vote against the Democratic candidate. (Thankfully, they had very little to do with “special places in hell.”)

Interviewed by novelist Roxane Gay, Obama cut her point to the quick.

“Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,” Obama said, according to the Boston Globe.

Her message was primarily directed at white women—exit polls indicated that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump, while 94 percent of Black women and 68 percent of Latinx women voted for Clinton.

Despite her chastisement of anti-Hillary voters, Obama maintained that she and former President Barack Obama still supported President Donald Trump and want his administration to succeed, despite that “there was an entire party that didn’t support” Obama himself while he was president. Being in the White House gave her a “different perspective,” Obama said, that made supporting the president easier.

However, that doesn’t mean she misses the White House. Becoming the first lady “was like being shot out of a cannon.” Nope, I can’t imagine missing that either.

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