woman speaking pointing to gray door while holding DoorDash Chipotle delivery bag (l) woman speaking in front of gray door holding DoorDash Chipotle delivery bag (c) woman speaking in front of gray door making phone gesture with hand up to ear (r)

‘I don’t think it’s a coincidence’: DoorDash customer says women drivers have no problem with delivery, but men need extra help

'Now that I think of it, I’ve never had a lady have an issue with my address.'

On Sep 23, 2022 by Charlotte Colombo

Ari Ivory at 2022 US Open

A professional cheerleader noticed women’s sports highlights were leftovers. She decided to change things

HighlightHER and the power of representation.

On Sep 15, 2022 by Alex Tzelnic

security guard ushering women from men's room with caption 'These guys did NOT like the girls using their bathroom instead of waiting in line'

‘A real man would have guarded the outside door’: Men kick women who didn’t want to wait in line out of men’s restroom, sparking debate

'Think about what would happen if a guy did that….'

On Aug 29, 2022 by Jack Alban

elon musk harambe rap

‘Balding nerd dysphoria’: Elon Musk’s alleged hair plugs resurface as he wonders why people get gender-affirming care

Hair implants and breast reconstructions are gender-affirming too.

On Jun 14, 2022 by Claire Goforth

tiktok woman hand up caption 'My instacart delivery person is a man. I'm afraid for the apples and spinach I ordered. He's already failed to find the right cheese. All hope is lost for my dairy free butter.' (l) Instacart app logo on black phone on yellow background (r)

‘I hate when my underpaid gig slave is a MAN’: Customer complains about her Instacart shopper’s gender, sparking debate

'He's already failed to find the right cheese.'

On May 5, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

Man and woman during podcast man says ' A woman having Instagram' (l) Woman holding phone with instagram photo woman on beach (c) Man and woman during podcast man says ' is 100% cheating' (r)

‘I think a woman having an Instagram is 100% cheating’: Male podcaster’s controversial opinion sparks backlash

'Go back to hell.'

On Apr 19, 2022 by Moises Mendez II

gender reveal party (l) (m) woman looking stunned (r)

‘I would have been extremely upset’: Father-to-be cheers with the boys before girlfriend at gender reveal party in viral TikTok, sparking debate

'He could've ignored them tho for a second.'

On Apr 7, 2022 by Kathleen Wong

lizzo sxsw 2022, lizzo abortion

‘Stay out of my body’: Lizzo shreds ‘atrocious’ Texas abortion law and anti-trans policies at SXSW

'Why are men great till they gotta be great?'

On Mar 15, 2022 by Mariam Sharia

young man in home depot with caption 'i still think about the time that i was attacked at work because of my nails' (l) elderly woman with caption 'uh but i'm a guy and look i'm wearing them' (c) multicolored fake nails on hand with caption 'and they're cute' (r)

‘Only women wear that mess’: Home Depot worker berated for wearing fake nails to work

‘But I’m a guy and look I’m wearing them. And they’re cute.’

On Feb 15, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

she's a crowd social

She’s A Crowd wants to collect data to fight gender-based violence—and is leveraging TikTok to do it

She's A Crowd is leveraging TikTok to build a dataset that will help reduce gender-based violence.

On Feb 7, 2022 by Viola Stefanello

Homepage article image

‘I’m actually not done speaking’: Woman shuts down man who kept interrupting her presentation in viral TikTok

'While I respect your ability to talk on and on, my ears actually do have a limit'

On Dec 12, 2021 by Stacy Fernandez

Homepage article image

‘This sh*t is nuts’: 2 guys read their girlfriends’ birth control side effects in viral TikTok

'We got the map reader and the scroll hunter.'

On Dec 8, 2021 by Brooke Sjoberg

Homepage article image

‘The insecurities are screaming’: Woman goes viral for calling men ‘short kings’ on TikTok

'The male ego is so fragile.'

On Oct 26, 2021 by Cecilia Lenzen

tiktoker's home destroyed by man

‘He thought of so many ways to be destructive’: Man trashes TikToker’s house after getting rejected by her friend

'I spoke to him about consent... and then he became very upset'

On Oct 4, 2021 by Kathryn Cardin

bolt taxi app

‘We have to be careful’: Woman shares ‘scary experience’ with Bolt taxi driver amid recent U.K. murders (updated)

'It’s about catching these people before it’s too late.'

On Oct 3, 2021 by Tricia Crimmins