ketchup on table next to Wing Stop chicken caption 'looking for the smallest error w my doordash so i can get some credits' (l) DoorDash worker making delivery knocking on door with red branded bag in hand (c) DoorDash Missing or Incorrect Items section in app with typed description 'i got ketchup but i asked for ranch' caption 'looking for the smallest error w my doordash so i can get some credits' (r)

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‘I got a ketchup but I asked for ranch’: DoorDash customer looks for ‘smallest error’ in Wingstop order to get credits

'I just say the entire order was wrong.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Dec 8, 2022

A TikToker went viral for the “petty” way they attempt to get DoorDash credits after ordering from Wingstop through the app: by looking for minute errors.

Ashton Chavis, who posts under the handle @Vanessa2cool4u, uploaded a clip that shows them carefully inspecting a Wingstop order of wings, fries, and a beverage. She pens in a text overlay, “looking for the smallest error w my doordash so i can get some credits”

In the video, she turns the wings around, moves the fries around, and peeks into the drink, until finally settling on the round container of ketchup.

The video then cuts to a smartphone screen and Ashton begins typing a message alerting DoorDash’s customer service of their order gripe.

She writes in the “Missing or Incorrect Items” text box, “i got a ketchup but i asked for ranch.”


i dont even like wingstop 😒 wings n more is sm better

♬ Slime Me Up – Ralfy the Plug

Chavis’ video has received over 2 million views as of Thursday, with several viewers sharing their own methods to nab credits or even full refunds on their orders in the comments.

“[I don’t] even look for missing items i just say the entire order was wrong,” one user wrote.

“Just say your food came cold and undercooked and they refund ur whole meal ur welcome,” another suggested.

Some said that they didn’t feel bad “gaming” the system via patron complaints for the amount of money that they pay for their meals via DoorDash.

“No because doordash is WAY too expensive for it to not be my order to a t,” one shared.

“I literally feel no shame for doing this bc door dash be adding every fee known to man to the most basic orders,” a second added.

A few claimed that DoorDash removed their ability to note order errors or refused to give them compensation after several complaints.

“They took that feature away from me lol,” a TikToker claimed.

“I did that too many times and they stopped offering me any compensation,” another said.

There were other TikTok users who argued that the “petty” complaints aren’t really petty, specifically regarding the sauce with their Wingstop orders.

“That ain’t a small error, Wingstop with no ranch kill tha whole mood,” one wrote.

“Wings w/o ranch gotta be illegal,” another added.

“That’s actually not the door dashers fault it’s the restaurant we can’t search your bag of food and see don’t get them in trouble for being cheap!”

Despite processing some $9.9 billion worth of orders and having a user base of 20 million, DoorDash has yet to become a profitable company. While it’s clear that there’s a demand for the application’s services, and attempts at diversifying monetization, like DashPass subscriptions, are being implemented as part of its offerings, it doesn’t seem like the app has discovered a way to turn a profit.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chavis via TikTok comment and DoorDash via email for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2022, 12:13 pm CST