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Newsletter: Man loses $1,000 in Airbnb scam

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Andrew Wyrich


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Hello fellow citizens of the internet! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

We crawled the web for you today and our top stories are about: a deepfake of Keanu Reeves that is duping millions of people, the explosion of the natural birth movement on TikTok, a viral video about an Airbnb scam, and the latest drama surrounding Don’t Worry Darling

After that, our Staff Reporter Tricia has her weekly “Problematic on TikTok” column. 

See you tomorrow! 

— A.W. 

⚡ Today’s top stories

Don’t fall for this Keanu Reeves deepfake like millions of others already have

A TikTok account that many appear to believe is run by Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves has racked up an astonishing 438 million views. But the account is entirely comprised of deepfakes.


Natural birth control exploded on TikTok—and the anti-abortion movement jumped right on

The natural birth control movement on TikTok has dark clouds surrounding it.


Man says Airbnb host listed their rented apartment, scammed him out of $1000

A user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing his story of losing $1,000 on an Airbnb rental.


KiKi Layne says most of her scenes were cut from ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

The controversy around Don’t Worry Darling just keeps getting more complicated


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😬 Problematic on TikTok

By Tricia Crimmins

creator calls out straight women who use tiktok sounds to call men gay tiktok

“Fruity was a slippery slope,” TikToker says of veiled homophobic audios

In each edition of web_crawlr we have exclusive original content every day. On Tuesdays our IRL Reporter Tricia Crimmins breaks down the trends on the popular app that will make you cringe in her “Problematic on TikTok” column.  If you want to read columns like this before everyone else, subscribe to web_crawlr to get your daily scoop of internet culture delivered straight to you inbox.

🕸️ Crawling the web

Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

💼 A woman on TikTok says the manager who got hired over her right before the COVID-19 pandemic was a disaster

☕ This… is probably too much coffee for one person to drink each day

🚗 A Dallas Uber driver has gone viral after she posted a storytime video in which she exposes a man for allegedly cheating on his wife

🍴 A waitress’s viral call-out of a table that left her a 10% tip after actively complimenting the service they received has created discussion around service and tipping on TikTok.

💅 Everyone knows self-care begins at home. These sweet reminders will help you slow down and enjoy life once in a while. *

👖 This Starbucks worker claims they had to staple their ripped jeans together when the district manager visited their store without warning. 

🌮 A young Taco Bell worker called out a person in the comments section who insulted them for being 24 years old and working at Taco Bell.

👶 The many lives of the Dancing Baby,cyberspace’s first cringe meme.

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👋 Before you go

A McDonald’s worker says a customer threw pennies at her and mocked her job after she told them that she could not accept a fake $50 bill as payment. 

The worker’s video, which has nearly 150,000 views, recounts how she asked the customer for respect. 

young woman in mask outside of McDonald's (l&r) $50 bill with a black marker streak over Grant's face (c)
YamabikaY/Shutterstock @aleezalowery/TikTok (Licensed)

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