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Newsletter: Mom says this airline lost her son

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Andrew Wyrich


Posted on Jan 16, 2023   Updated on Jan 17, 2023, 7:14 am CST

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Hello fellow citizens of the internet! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

I hope you had a good weekend! We’re starting off the week with top stories about: A woman claiming in a viral video that an airline lost her son, the FCC’s broadband maps already facing criticism, a worker saying she quit after getting an “offensive” 13-cent raise, and how Hollywood turned a blind eye to allegations against Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes. 

After that, our Tech Reporter Mikael has his weekly “One Dumb Conspiracy” column. 

See you tomorrow! 

— A.W. 

⚡ Today’s top stories

✈️ WTF
‘A complete stranger helped him’: Woman says Alaska Airlines lost her son

In a now-viral TikTok, a woman claimed that Alaska Airlines “lost” her son, who she paid to have supervised during his flight.


FCC’s new broadband mapping effort already hit with congressional criticism

Just two months ago, the FCC finished a massive revamp of its broadband mapping efforts. However, the efforts are already facing sharp criticism from senators.


‘It was an inflation raise’: Worker says she quit after getting 13-cent raise

In a now-viral video, a worker said she decided to quit her job after they gave her an “offensive” 13-cent raise.


Brad Pitt’s abuse allegations were the elephant in the room at this year’s Golden Globes

Hollywood insiders welcomed Brad Pitt with open arms, turning a blind eye to Angelina Jolie’s abuse accusations.


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🔍 One Dumb Conspiracy

By Mikael Thalen

An image of President Joe Biden's face distorted
Now The End Begins/Twitter

Conspiracy theorists think this obviously altered video of Joe Biden is real

In each edition of web_crawlr we have exclusive original content every day. On Mondays our Tech Reporter Mikael Thalen debunks the most wild conspiracy theories swirling around the web in his “One Dumb Conspiracy” column. If you want to read columns like this before everyone else, subscribe to web_crawlr to get your daily scoop of internet culture delivered straight to you inbox.

🕸️ Crawling the web

Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

📚 A woman claims that a photographer sold her headshot to stock image websites, which resulted in it being used on an erotic novel cover

💰 In a viral TikTok video, a Costco shopper walks around the store, pointing out prices of items that have allegedly skyrocketed since last year.

🍔 A McDonald’s customer is calling out one of the fast-food locations online after he was told he couldn’t stay in the store for longer than 30 minutes.

📷 In a viral video, someone caught a Walmart Photo Center employee rifling through the photos she sent to be printed.

🍺 The revolution is here, and it’s non-alcoholic. Here are the best non-alcoholic beers for guilt-free nightcaps and pain-free mornings.* 

🍗 A woman claims in a viral video that she found metal in her chicken wings from Walmart

💳 A former Sally Beauty worker says the store credit card they were forced to open caused their credit score to decline after they purchased just one nail polish.

💼 From the Daily Dot archive: For Gen Z, office culture is both nostalgic and glamorous (sometimes). 

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👋 Before you go

In a viral TikTok, a bartender shared one of the things she and other bartenders hate: customers blocking the bar.

TikTok user Brianne Gilbert (@brieg3) posted a five-second clip of a line of men at the bar where she works. Rather than drinking, the men had their backs to Gilbert as they leaned against the bar to watch a football game.

This is what bartenders hate,” the voiceover said.

men standing in front of bar watching football with caption 'This is what bartenders HATE' (l) men standing in front of bar watching football with caption 'This is what bartenders HATE' (c) men standing in front of bar watching football with caption 'This is what bartenders HATE' (r)
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*First Published: Jan 16, 2023, 10:00 am CST