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‘When you’re cold on a plane, anything goes’: Passenger tries to use airplane security pamphlet as blanket

'I’ve used my phone as a blanket'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Jul 30, 2023

In a relatable moment for anyone who’s endured the frigid temperatures of an airplane cabin, a viral TikTok video shows a passenger’s creative attempt to stay warm on a flight. Uploaded by TikToker Joseph (@josephmfares) on July 26, the 6-second clip captures a woman struggling to use the airplane’s security pamphlet as a makeshift blanket.

The video, which has amassed an impressive 2.2 million views, depicts the passenger attempting to shield herself from the cold by placing the pamphlet over her body. However, it quickly becomes evident that the small and flimsy pamphlet is no match for the icy airplane air, and she abandons the endeavor, returning it to the seatback pocket in front of her.



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In the video’s description, Joseph humorously writes, “PLEASE DID SHE THINK THAT WOULD WORK AS A BLANKET.”

Viewers empathized with the woman’s predicament, and many went to the comment section to share their own chilling tales of in-flight shivers.

One commenter wrote, “No bc that type of cold is painful.”

Another echoed, “Cold on a plane is a whole different kinda cold.”

“No, I get it. Planes are ALWAYS freezing,” a third said.

“I’ve used my phone as a blanket,” confessed user Sophia.

“I’ve been cold and desperate on a plane before I get it,” wrote user whoriitorii.

It’s unclear what led to the desperate act, but it’s been a travel summer marred by many cancellations and all sorts of viral airport drama. Passengers have reported tape holding airplanes together, stirred drama by not giving up their seat to a family with kids, and complained about the Amafi Coast.

The Daily Dot reached out to Joseph via email for comment.

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*First Published: Jul 30, 2023, 5:00 am CDT