The social network that was famously founded in a college dorm, Facebook has grown to become not only the largest social platform on the Internet, but also a major player in smartphone apps thanks to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many other one-off apps. The company’s acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus has positioned it to influence the future of that industry as well.

Howard Schultz mocked for ‘majority of Americans are Americans’ ad
The ad was mocked, because its premise is painfully obvious.
Sri Lankan government shuts down social media in wake of deadly blasts
The measure is intended to combat misinformation, according to government officials.
PayPal, GoFundMe cut off armed militia that detains migrants at border
The group has more than 3,000 members on Facebook.
Trump is already running Facebook ads on the Mueller report
Trump didn't wait to begin campaigning on it.
Facebook says ‘millions,’ not ‘tens of thousands,’ affected by Instagram password bug
User passwords were stored in plaintext for up to seven years.
Facebook bans many of the U.K.’s infamous far-right groups
Voicing support for these organizations could get users banned too.
Ocasio-Cortez says she gave up Facebook for her health
'Increased isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction, escapism.'
Facebook hid creepy messages inside its VR controllers
Secret phrases meant for prototype controllers included in consumer models.
Instagram will demote ‘inappropriate’ content
Violent, spammy or sexually suggestive content may no longer appear on Instagram's Explore tab.
New privacy app Jumbo will lock down your Facebook and Twitter
This privacy assistant for iPhone aims to give you control over your digital life.
Report: Facebook bans leading white nationalist Faith Goldy
Facebook has said it will ban white nationalist content.
Where do 2020 Democratic candidates stand on internet privacy?
It's becoming a major 2020 campaign issue.
540 million Facebook user records left exposed online
Third-party developers failed to secure servers holding private data.
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