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Dedicated QAnon believers trying to prove Tom Hanks is a pedophile

Leave Tom Hanks out of it.


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Posted on Jan 3, 2020   Updated on May 19, 2021, 6:57 pm CDT

QAnon, a far-right conspiracy movement about President Donald Trump taking down a cabal of deep state pedophiles, which has been quietly evolving for several years, has a new theory to baffle you with.

Tom Hanks will soon be arrested for pedophilia

That comes despite no supporting evidence—like almost all of the theories espoused by Q believers.

Another theory floating today also suggests that Q predicted the United States’ recent action against Iran, thanks to a recent post declaring that “something big is coming.”

The Tom Hanks claim

While “Q”—the singular person supposedly behind the original account—has reportedly never bolstered the claim of Tom Hanks being involved in sex crimes against children, it has found a home among QAnon theorists.

A recent video from Liz Crokin, a right-wing journalist, helped the theory gain steam.

“There’s a lot of evidence and symbolism with Tom Hanks,” Crokin said in a recent video posted by Right Wing Watch. She listed some of his film and television projects, including Saturday Night Live, as examples. “There’s a lot of symbolism in the work that he’s done. I think one of the first movies he did was something about a red shoe.”

The film she is thinking of is likely 1985’s The Man With One Red Shoe.

“It was a movie about red shoes,” she continued. “We know that red shoes are significant, symbolic to the occult because they make leather red shoes out of babies’ skin.”

An extremely absurd and nonsensical theory claims that some red shoes, often worn by celebrities, are made of the skin of children eaten by their wearers.

Claims of Hanks being a pedophile first cropped up more than two years ago, after a woman accused the 63-year-old actor of sexually abusing her as a child. The claim remains unverified and has yet to change most people’s minds about the extremely likable Hanks.

The Iran claim

Despite QAnon’s consistently false claims, supporters of the movement rely on the rare “accurate” prediction to explain their continued support. One supposed one centers around Iran. A few days before President Trump ordered a drone strike that killed two prominent Iranian officials, QAnon posted a simple message: “something big is coming.”

As noted by the Daily Dot’s Mike Rothschild, Q has also posted repeatedly about Iran in the past. One phrase, in particular, has a tendency to reemerge in Q’s postings: “Iran next.”

“The first QAnon reference to Iran being ‘next’ was a 3/18 drop that also claimed the CIA had been kicked out of North Korea and that Trump had made a secret peace and disarmament deal with Kim Jong Un,” Rothschild wrote. “How’s that working out?”

Rothschild went on to explain that the QAnon poster, typically in favor of avoiding war with Iran, suddenly changed gears in 2018 in support of Iranian regime change.

“It didn’t last long,” Rothschild wrote, “leading to speculation that someone else had taken over the account.”

“Finally, QAnon believers are going to claim Q predicted Soleimani’s assassination by claiming ‘something big is coming’ few days earlier,” Rothschild continued. “Folks, Q has predicted ‘something big’ happening a dozen times. It’s literally the most vague and easily retconned prediction possible.”

Still, plenty of QAnon believers are buying into the idea that the mysterious account predicted Thursday’s events.



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*First Published: Jan 3, 2020, 11:39 am CST